14 How to start an online store website (no experience required)

14 How to start an online store (no experience required) – Creating an online store website is not as difficult as one might imagine. You can use an online store builder to quickly create an online store. Currently, there are many companies in the field of online shops and e-commerce solutions, you can create a good and professional online shop without qualified technical skills. You can also create your own custom online store, a custom online store has many advantages ranging from easier operation, accelerating optimization on Google, and being able to provide more experience to visitors / buyers. You can hire a web developer service such as mousmedia to make an online shop cheap, easy and attractive. The workmanship is very professional.

There are many things that need to be considered when building an online store such as SEO, product photos, reviews, views, page views, etc. Therefore, pay attention to the following 14 things before launching the online store.

1. Choosing a custom website or online store builder

Choosing a custom website or online store builder - How to start an online store website

Choosing a website model, of course, is tailored to your own needs. For online store builders, you can start with shopify, weebly, bigcommerce etc. Websites that use online store builders tend not to feel professional and branding is very difficult, it’s better to create your own website.

Custom online store websites have many advantages such as making it easier to set up SEO to increase the rank of your website on Google / Easier to set payment methods.

2. An attractive domain

Choosing a custom website or online store builder - How to start an online store website

Domain is the url name which will be listed as the name and address of your online shop. For example, if you are creating a physical store, then the domain is the name of the shop. Choose a domain name that is unique, attractive, according to your needs and easy to remember. If you use an online store builder, I recommend not using the sub-domain of the online store builder because it will reduce the credibility of the online store itself.

3. Choosing the type or method of payment to attract consumers

Promoting and Making Announcement - How to start an online store website

Provide several payment methods for your prospective customers / customers. The more payment methods that can be used, the more attracted customers will be to use your online store. You can use payment methods from paypal, credit card, qris, internet banking, mobile banking, alfamart, indomart, etc. You can also use payment gateways to make it easier like midtrans and doku.

4. Make a Shipping Strategy or Shipping

Make a Shipping Strategy or Shipping - How to start an online store website

Provide multiple shipping methods or shipping for your customers. The shipping method is very useful for most people who shop online because people who shop online want their goods to come quickly and of course be safe on the way. Everyone also has their own shipping subscription, so if you add a lot of shipping methods, customers will be more interested in shopping at your online store.

5. Looking for keywords to be used

Looking for keywords to be used - How to start an online store website

Keyword is useful for targeting keywords from your online store. To get keywords that comply with SEO standards (search engine optimization) are keywords that are in tune with the target market of your online store. The keywords you will use will also make it easier for Google and other search engines to identify what types of products you sell on your online store. If your keywords match the target and SEO techniques, the chances of your online store appearing on the first page of Google are very high. So if there are visitors who are looking for certain keywords and these keywords follow your keywords, it will increase the number of potential customers / visitors to your online store.

6. Create social media accounts

Looking for keywords to be used - How to start an online store website

Online business is always tied to the name social media, social media is considered to be able to increase traffic and the number of online store visitors. Before you jump into social media, you have to think about your target market on which social media and what social media are suitable for your online store, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. After you get the right target market on social media and social media, you can maximize your profile such as logo, description, contact, website, etc. To entice your target market, you must provide them with bait and feed here in the form of content. Make sure the content you create has relevance to your business, and has an attractive appearance to enjoy.

7. Ensure email marketing readiness

Ensure email marketing readiness - How to start an online store website

Email marketing is very effective at targeting visitors. There are many email providers that you can choose to do email marketing such as service providers, mailchimp, emma, etc. You have to prepare a welcome email, template, schedule, campaign and of course the content of an interesting email after knowing what types of email providers support your online shop, then launch email marketing operations.

8. Installing Google analytics for online shops

Installing Google analytics for online shops - How to start an online store website

Google Analytics is a free website service from Google that displays visitor statistics for a website. Data from google analytics is very necessary for the development of your online store. With this data, you can get interesting insights about the visitors and potential customers who visit your online store.

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9. Include customer service contacts

Include customer service contacts - How to start an online store website

The Customer service page is very important for most people who find it difficult to use your online store. With customer service contact, buyers will have the convenience to contact you anytime and anywhere. Make sure all your information is complete in contact because it can increase customer satisfaction.

10. Attach quality photos

Attach quality photos - How to start an online store website

High quality and attractive photos will spoil the eyes of your visitors and customers. Increasing purchases at your store can be applied by increasing the quality of the photos of the items you sell. An online store that has a simple appearance will look luxurious if it has professional and attractive quality photos. Provide a large selection of images to convince your customers.

11. Test before launching

Test before launching - How to start an online store website

The things you need to pay attention to when testing your online store are:

  1. Are all functions in your online shop working properly? Especially on the features of your online shop
  2. Can visitors check out in any condition? make sure you check it carefully so that there are no mistakes when the customer checks out.
  3. Calculating the loading speed of your online shop, your online shop must have a short loading speed so as not to give a bad impression to your customers.
  4. Can my online shop be accessed anywhere and anytime? This check is useful for making sure your website is resvonsipe in any browser.

12. SEO and Internet Marketing

SEO and Internet Marketing - How to start an online store website

Improving SEO is very important to build your online store. With SEO, you can spread your online store and make sure your store is known to the public. The more visitors who enter, the more known your online store. SEO must be handled quickly, precisely and accurately. I suggest you use online maintenance jada to get maximum results, for example a mousmedia company that provides monthly maintenance services at affordable prices and professional quality. The advantage of using your SEO services will experience an increase in visitors and of course it will allow you to increase sales on your online store. When your online store is seen on the top page it will increase your customer’s trust. Examples of lightweight SEO are writing product data entries, title tags, meta descriptions and product descriptions that can maximize your SEO.

13. Promoting and Making Announcement

Promoting and Making Announcement - How to start an online store website

To do a promotion you must have a big name, a brand attached to your online store. If you don’t have a brand, launching will feel useless. Other people will not immediately know your online store at first lunching. For the first launch, you can invite close people such as friends, group chat, office, alumni, or your neighbors so they can spread the word about your shop. You can also use endorsement services from celebrities / artists who have followers and according to your target. This service is useful for promoting your online store. In addition to using endorsement, you can provide attractive promos when launching your online store. This method is very much done to attract buyers.

14. Time to Launch Your Store!

Time to Launch Your Store! - How to start an online store website

Now is the time for you to launch your online store website. Some of the things mentioned above are actually just the beginning of your struggle to improve your online store. there are many other challenges and if you write it here you will definitely get bored quickly. My advice, immediately do all the things mentioned above and see the results. If you think it is not satisfactory, please ask for help from a web developer / website maintenance service mousmedia. That’s all from me 🙂