3 Best Website Builder for Your Business

3 Best Website Builder for Your Business – Web Builder or website development is a way to make it easier for you to create a website for business or personal needs in a professional manner quickly, easily and cheaply. In just a matter of minutes your professional website can go online without the need to learn coding (programming), and is ready to support your business without worrying about bandwidth and hosting.

What are the advantages of a Web Builder?

Judging from the initial discussion, you can already see the benefits, namely,

Fast, easy, and inexpensive without the need to learn coding (Programming).
You don’t need to think about bandwidth and hosting, because it is covered by the web builder in question.
If you are new to coding, this web builder is for you because your professional website can be done and go online with just drag and drop. (* depending on the service provider you use).
Many designs are provided, you just have to choose according to your website.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Web Builder?

If there is an advantage there must be a drawback. This is natural because technology is always growing rapidly, especially the internet. The drawbacks are:

Not suitable for large-scale websites, this means big data.
The free Web Builder will insert advertisements on your website.
Limited number of pages created (if the web builder you are using is free)
Very minimal customer service support.
Without a professional domain (if the web builder you are using is free, for example: websiteanda.wordpress.com).

List of the best website builders 2021

Now, after you know what a web builder is, its advantages and disadvantages. I will provide a list of web builders, actually there are many free web builders, but I will take some or what I have tried, here is a list of web builders:

  1. WordPress.com

    WordPress.com is a website that you can use to create a website, both a personal website and an online store website. In 2003 a web developer who lives in San Francisco named Matt Mullenweg, he created wordpress because of the need for an online publishing website, which at that time he used B2, but because the development had stopped, Matt Mullenweg made wordpress with forking code B2 and be wordpress.

  2. Wix.com

    Wix.com is a website builder specifically for beginners who are confused about making a design where, the system uses a drag and drop widget system, without requiring coding skills. Wix’s revenue comes from premium services, for which Wix users have to pay for premium features if they want Wix ads to disappear and to be able to link to their own website. Wix was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abr Understood, Nadav Abr Understood, and Giora Kaplan.

  3. Squarespace.com

    Squarespace is a SaaS based website builder. This system allows beginners to create and manage their own web blog. Squarespace was launched in January 2004 headquartered in New York, NY, its founder is Anthony Casalena where Squarespace employs more than 500 employees in 190 countries and millions of users have used Squarespace to create websites.

Web Builder Conclusion

For those of you who want to create a website but do not have coding skills (programming) and for MSME websites which do not require large enough funds.

But if you want to create a website for serious purposes, you can customize it yourself, understand coding, then I suggest not using a website builder, where this website builder has quite limited features.

So many articles this time, for how to use the web builder that I have mentioned above, I will make it in the next article. Mousmedia also provides website builder creation services, you can click on this link https://mousmedia.com/web-design/