5 Good website design criteria

5 Good website design criteria – A good website will have a better chance for business, this is no longer a secret that is very commonly used. By having a good website in this digital era, the opportunity to reach the public or consumers will be wider and faster.

The purpose of using the website is as a tool or media to make it easier for people to find information about what we have to offer without any limitations on distance and time, anytime and anywhere people can see the products or services displayed on the website.

Whether we realize it or not, web design is the first encounter between readers and us. The better the impression that is obtained, then our content will have a higher chance to reach the reader. Likewise with the product or service that we are selling.

The appearance of the website is also very influential on the SEO of our website on search engines like Google. The more SEO Friendly the website appearance, the higher the ranking that will be obtained on search engines.


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In modern times like today, more and more people are aware of the importance of using a website. No wonder that now many websites that you can find through search engines. However, it’s quite unfortunate because not all of these websites meet the criteria of a good website and meet the requirements.

Important things that you need to consider when creating a website are as follows:

1. Design Website

5 Kriteria design website yang baik

The appearance of a website theme can be simple and professional. good appearance is very important. The aim is that visitors are happy when accessing the website, so the developer will create an attractive and unique visual design.

Need good help, requires the expertise of a web designer. A web design is able to make a good website in accordance with the contents and consumers. The combination of web design between color, lines, navigation and including web loading speed when opened in the browser and mobile.

A good visual design always uses colors that are suitable and comfortable to look at, the adjusted graphic layout will make it easier for visitors to read and understand the text / information in the design.

Make the order or flow of information that is easily seen by readers, arrange elements based on priority scale. Most people are used to reading from left to right so put important things on the left and the menu on the right. Facing each element of the design counterweight.

2. Loading Speed

5 Kriteria design website yang baik

A good website appearance will make the website load longer because there are many animations that make visitors comfortable. Therefore, make sure your website loading must be good. A good loading speed is 3-5s / page using the lowest standard speed limit for 3G / 4G internet connection in Indonesia is 100kbps. The shorter the loading time of a website, the more visitors.

Based on existing data, if the website loading exceeds 15 seconds is not yet fully open, 80% of visitors, especially via mobile smartphones will close and look for other alternatives.

Creating a website that can have super fast loading is the work of a web developer programmer.

3. Website Responsive

5 Kriteria design website yang baik

A good website is a responsive website. Responsive website is a website that is able to respond to the appearance of the website if accessed on various user devices. Users will have a very diverse device, whether desktop or mobile, but it should not interfere with the user’s comfort regarding the appearance or accessibility of your website. Therefore, with a responsive website, your website will still look good if it is accessed by various user devices. User convenience is your responsibility as a website owner.

4. Meta Tags

5 Kriteria design website yang baik

As explained earlier, meta tags can make it easier for search engines and users to find your website. You can optimize the writing of meta tags so that the website ranks better in search engine results. There are several types of meta tags that you can use to optimize a website in a search engine, namely :

  1. Title tag

    The title tag is the HTML element used to indicate the title of the website page. In general, the title tag will be displayed on search engine results or SERP as the main title and can be clicked on by website visitors. Title tag has an important role because it can make it easier for visitors and search engines to find out what the contents of the website content. If you want to create a title tag, the title should be no more than 70 characters long so that it is not truncated in search engine results.

  2. Meta description

    As the name implies, meta description is HTML meta tags that provide a brief description of your web page. The search engine uses meta description as a short piece of text below the title tag in search engine results. A well-written meta description can attract more web visitors to click on your website.

  3. Alt text

    Alt text is an attribute that is added to image tags in HTML to help search engines understand what images you are using. Although the search engine cannot see the image that you posted on the website, the search engine can read what images are displayed through alt text. To optimize your website, alt text must be written clearly and be able to describe the image that you post on the website.

  4. Tag headers (h1, h2, h3, etc.)

    The header tag is part of your content. Besides being able to facilitate users in reading website content, header tags can also help search engines to understand your content. Search engine bots use header tags to understand the structure and relevance of the content written on each sub heading of the website.

5. Interesting and Relevant Content

5 Kriteria design website yang baik

The last thing you need to pay attention to is the content that you create, the content is very influential on the success of your website. In addition, content is also very influential on SEO and website ratings on search engines. You must be able to create content that is very interesting and relevant to the ultimate goal of your website. With interesting and relevant content that will add many visitors to visit your website.

How to create quality content:

  1. Make Content Matching Trends
  2. Content Must Define Your Audience
  3. Repurpose your content
  4. Promote and Distribute Your Content
  5. Set Your Goals
  6. Create Original Content
  7. Can Provide Answers
  8. Accurate in Reporting and Taking Information
  9. Create Engaging Content
  10. Add pictures and videos as illustrations
  11. Make content that is easy to find (findable)
  12. Make content shareable
  13. Make content readable (readable)
  14. Create content that is always remembered (Memorable)

The 5 criteria above are the criteria that must exist on your website so that your website is more qualified and known by many people. Not everyone can create their own website, but now there are many services that provide website creation services.

One of them is Mousmedia, Mousmedia is a digital marketing agency that can help you in making a website, Mousmedia also applies the 5 criteria above in making a website. As a form of Mousmedia’s expertise in creating design website, Mousmedia has succeeded in helping clients from various countries.