6 Best Android Emulators for Windows You Can Use

6 Best Android Emulators for Windows You Can Use – a computer or laptop can be used to play Android games. Visiting our site will really help you in playing the game. Especially how to play android games on PC that you need to know.

Why can ororid games be played on a PC? Because more and more Android games are increasingly showing significant developments. What makes us always want to download it, however, if all our games are downloaded on a mobile phone, then the available memory will run out. So, to work around this, many people use an emulator on a PC or laptop to play games.

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Emulator Application To Play Android Games On PC

The method used is to use the Android emulator application on PC, there are many emulators to play Android games on PC that you need to know and you can try at home.

1. Leapdroid


LeadDroid is an Android computer emulator that was acquired by Google. By carrying Android 4.4 Kitkat and with keyboard mapping support for playing games. Not only can you use it to play games, but you can also use this application to run other applications such as social media Instagram or Facebook very freely.

Link Leapdroid : https://leapdroid.website/pc/

2. Andy


Andy will offer the freedom to explore various android features on a computer, ranging from applications, games, launchers, even though the installation of root access. By using this Andy, you can use to play android games on a PC. Not only in the Windows operating system, you can also use Andy in the MacOS operating system. What’s interesting about this application is it’s free and very flexible to use.

Link Andy : https://www.andyroid.net/

3. Nox


Nox is one of the most popular emulator applications, especially among gamers. What’s more for those of you who like to play mobile legend will be greatly helped by this one emulator. In fact, by using Nox, you can play using the keyboard, mouse, even joystick if you have it.

Link Nox : https://www.bignox.com/

4. Genymotion


Another application that you can use to play Android games on a PC / laptop is genymption. This Genymotion makes it easy for android developers to test applications or games with several devices simultaneously. Therefore, this android emulator requires special coding expertise. It’s really a shame if you only use this application as playing games or just playing social media

Link genymotion : https://www.genymotion.com

5. Bluestack


Next up is Bluestack. This application has been very long available to play Android games on a Windows system PC. Many features available here. By using Bluestack, it feels like you are using an android phone in a larger model, hehehe. Besides being able to be used to play games, like Android, Bluestack can be used to play mp3s, play social media, and more. Complete.

Link bluestacks : https://www.bluestacks.com/id/index.html

6. Memu


One android emulator that has supported various versions of Android ranging from Jelly Bean, Kat Kit, and Lollipop is MEMU. This memu has features that make it more special, which is supported on Intel and AMD chipsets. Not only that, this memu is also very smooth to use, especially on an Android PC. Not only flexible, this emulator does not require high specifications. If you play using this application it is guaranteed to make you cooler with the game you are playing.

Link memu :  https://www.memuplay.com/

Okay, here are some emulators to play Android games on the PC versions Mousmedia. What do you think, something is missing? If something is missing, try writing it in the comments column. Hopefully this article is useful for you game lovers. Don’t forget to read our other articles. thank you