8 good and right logo design criteria for your business

8 good and right logo design criteria for your business – Creating a good and right logo design is not only making a symbol which is then used for a company stamp or letterhead, a logo is more than that. Logo design helps the image of an institution or company. With a good logo design, the company image is also good. Logo design can make the image of a business or company look more professional. A good logo design is not just about creating an image which is then used as a company letterhead or stamp, a logo has more power than that. The logo design must also have graphics that are able to attract attention with a simple form that is able to reach pre-set targets.

8 criteria for a good logo design according to mousmedia. These criteria can be used to create a logo design that is in accordance with the basic principles of an effective logo, so we don’t see it on the basis of the beauty and beauty of the logo.

Banner logo design features

1. Simple

Simple - good and right logo design

Simplicity in logos is indeed one very important thing. Why is that? Because, the simplicity of a logo makes it easier to recognize, easy to remember and easier to apply in various media. Therefore, among graphic designers, a KISS principle is known, namely “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. In this principle, always emphasize the importance of simplicity when designing a logo, so that the logo is more memorable and can deliver messages effectively. For example, a logo that is suitable for us to use on letterhead must also look good when used for stamps. We can see an example of a Nike logo that is very simple but also full of meaning.

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2. Not too abstract

Not too abstract - good and right logo design

One of the functions of a logo is to become an identity and a messenger. When people see nothing in your logo except for the unique shape, it means your logo is failing. Make sure to create a logo design that can still convey the desired image and message, without compromising on its uniqueness.

3. Easy to remember

Easy to remember - good and right logo design

If we strive to build a strong brand, then anything related to our company must be easy for the public to remember, including logos. Make sure our logo can attract people’s attention at first sight, after that next time they will easily guess that it’s our logo. Must remember the Apple logo, right? Yes, a logo that is easily recognized in the world. Even without Apple writing, we can already guess that it’s the Apple logo.

4. Give a deep impression

Give a deep impression - good and right logo design

After highlighting simplicity, the next principle when designing a logo is to give the logo a deep impression. An effective logo design should be made easy to remember and able to impress everyone who sees it. This can be achieved by thinking about the message on the logo so that it fits and there are interrelations between the logo and the business or company.

5. Durable or Lasting

Durable or Lasting - good and right logo design

A good logo design should be durable and timeless and not easily go out of style. So, before you decide you want to design a logo, try asking again, whether the design is still as effective for the next 10 years, 20 years, even 50 years. Try to keep your company logo timeless and in accordance with any era, Keep in mind that logo design This is not the same as the fashion industry which always follows trends and changes all the time. If a company changes its logo frequently, the public will be confused and harm your company’s branding process.

6. Easy to Apply

Easy to Apply - good and right logo design

A good and effective logo must still stand out in any media or application. Because the logo must also be functional. That is why, designing a logo must be designed using a vector format, this is to ensure that the logo can be resized in any scale. In addition, the logo design should also be able to be changed in a vertical or horizontal format. As a consideration, before going to your subscription graphic design service to create a logo design, try to find out and ask what you will get for your logo design in more detail.

7. Right on target

Right on target - good and right logo design

An effective logo design must also be in line with the objectives the client wants to convey. For example, for example, when you want to design a logo for a children’s toy store, it would be much more fitting to use a childish-looking font with a colorful and cheerful color scheme. But when you want to design a logo for a law firm, then don’t do it.

8. Does not cause other meaning when tampered with

Does not cause other meaning when tampered with - good and right logo design

Some company logos were withdrawn from circulation because people found other meanings when viewed from a different perspective. For example, the “Weight Watchers” logo, which when viewed more clearly, accidentally slipped dirty words in the logo. Re-examine your logo design before publishing it, you can ask for opinions from people around you.

8 good and right logo design criteria for your business