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Mous Media offers custom website design or graphic design packages that suit your business needs.

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Why choose our web design service?

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why did you choose our services to create your dream website.

Responsive Design

70% of people access a website using their smartphone, we ensure that your website performs well on all devices, be it desktop or smart phone.

SEO Friendly

The website codes that we compiled have certainly fulfilled the standard elements of SEO (search engine optimization), have fulfilled the criteria of websites favored by Google.

We are the experts

There is no doubt, our team has experience ranging from designing, manufacturing, to managing a website, with various levels of difficulty.

Customer service

We have served a variety of client characters, you don't need to hesitate, our team will serve you well and help solve your problems around our services.

We love to help Seriously

Still not sure what you need? Contact us. We are happy to help, even if you are not a customer. We are here 24/7/365. Contact us anytime.

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What is the Economy package?

Economy Package is a package suitable for those of you who are just starting a business, and want to introduce your brand / business online, but have a limited budget / funds, but want maximum results.

What is the Deluxe package?

The Deluxe Package is a package that is suitable for you who want to be liked by Google with updated website content, in addition to displaying your business profile pages equipped with a blog / news page

What is the Ultimate package?

This website package is the highest company website package, suitable for those of you who really want to have a custom website, or a website that is tailored to your desires, starting from features, design on each page.

What is a custom design?

Custom design is a special / unique / exclusive design that is given in accordance with your company’s brand / concept.

Do all the packages have a custom design?

No, only the Deluxe & Ultimate package. For the Economy package we will provide 1 design concept that can be revised 3 times

What is the maximum number of design revisions / improvements?

The maximum design revision / improvement depends on the package you have taken.

Are there any additional costs if they exceed the revision / repair limit?

Of course there are, additional costs are measured by the level of difficulty of repair and the length of the process, we will give free if it does not take much time.