Boost Website Performance with Cloudflare

Boost Website Performance with CloudflareCloudflare is one Content delivery network (CDN) that makes your website faster than websites that do not use cdn / ssl. The main function of Cloudflare is to secure your website from spam, DDOS, etc.

The process of storing your website’s data also has a positive effect on many things besides speed and security. Serving a cache of static content from a nearby location, it makes loading a website faster.

Cloudflare acts as a link between visitors and servers of your website. The purpose of cloudeflare is that the website can be avoided from jailed people in the internet world.

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There are 3 types of website visitors:

  1. Visitor in the form of humans
  2. Visitors in the form of crawlers and robots that aim to scan each page.
  3. Visitor Attackers whose aim is to damage your website. By using this CDN service.

The advantage of using CloudFlare.

Cloudeflare also serves all requests to the website and can offer better services than other CDNs. The facilities that you will get when using Cloudflare.

  1. Hiding Real IP address from web hosting so that it’s not easy on DDOS
  2. Make cache on the website so that the website is lighter.
  3. Provides Free SSL.
  4. If your site experiences a down server, Cloudflare will continue to cache data until your website is back to normal.
  5. If at the time of registration no DNS record options are given, you can add nameservers.
  6. Service on cloudflare allows us to add multiple domains for free with 1 account.
  7. You can block website access from certain areas.

Issues Regarding Cloudflare

Some people mention shortcomings, more precisely the problems that might occur, because not all experience it.

  1. Errors 502, 504 and 522 => This type of error has various causes, it should be communicated, asking for help from the hosting server, because it could be due to the server not being configured correctly. Can also find solutions in community forums, browsing through Google.
  2. Content updates especially those that are static do not immediately appear and are seen by visitors. You must purge the cache after the content update is complete.
  3. Sometimes your website’s ip server changes, it could be due to a change in policy from the server or because the server was hit by an attack such as DDOS attack. This is often not realized by the website owner so that the website is down for days, worse for weeks.
  4. The security system is too strict, determined by the website owner, it really helps reduce the risk of being attacked. But such a security system also impacts visitors who are sometimes blocked, sometimes they are required to enter a security captcha before entering. Therefore, you need to review the security settings.

Conclusion from Cloudflare.

1280px Cloudflare Logo.svg

Based on the explanation above, Cloudflare can be one interesting and good solution to try. CDN can be applied on your website, so that it can meet the factors that make a good website size. The caching feature becomes very interesting to consider. The process of installing Cloudflare is quite easy to do, and vice versa. If there is no difference or even make the website performance decreases, then at any time you can release it again. Good luck !!