Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates: Which One You Should Choose?

Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates: Which One You Should Choose ? – When using Mousmedia website creation services, the price you have to pay will not be the same as one another.

Several factors will affect the price of a website that orders us. These factors include the type of machine or machine that the website you are ordering will use. There are types of these machines that can be used for free, but some have to pay a certain amount.

There are two choices a person can make when designing a website, from scratch or using a website template. Both options have their pluses and minuses and serve different purposes for each type of business.

What is Custom web design with its advantages and disadvantages

What is Custom web design with its advantages and disadvantages - Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates

custom website is a website page design that is created especially for you by making it manually from start to finish, so that nothing is the same as any other website page.

Advantages of Custom Web Design

A custom website is designed specifically for client’s business, every aspect is tailored for the benefit of the client’s business and we have complete control over how it looks.

We have the opportunity to design a layout as you wish that can look unique from other websites.

Tailor-made websites are more flexible and will grow as the client’s business grows, when it comes time to update aspects of the website, design revisions can easily be made.

Disadvantages of Custom Web Design

Companies have to hire a designer to create a custom made website.

Hiring a designer is likely to cost more than it costs to use a website template and for businesses on a small budget this can be a constraint.

The process of creating a website from scratch also takes longer.

A well-designed website is a powerful tool in marketing and branding. Website is a representation of the company and can attract potential customers to choose services or products.

A poorly designed website or a site that doesn’t work can do a lot of damage to a company’s reputation with clients.

Conclusion Custom web design

On top of that, custom websites are designed to suit your desires. Apart from that, it has a much better scalability and flexibility than website templates. Therefore, if you have a long-term plan to further develop your website, then a custom website is the right choice.

What is Website Template with its advantages and disadvantages

What is Website Template with its advantages and disadvantages - Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates

website template is a file that already has a certain design, so we just need to modify certain parts to get good results. By using a template that suits your needs, we can drastically reduce the time to create a website.

Advantages of Custom website template

You may find many websites like this on the internet because many businesses use the fast and inexpensive option with website templates.

Website templates can be the best option if you want to save budget.

In general, website templates allow you to choose a theme for free. Others provide templates with more features for you to pay a low price or with a monthly subscription.

Website templates are also fairly easy to create and take less time to do than creating a website from scratch.

Disadvantages of Custom website template

Even though Website templates are easy and economical, they lack distinctiveness and customization.

Yes, it is true that often times you can customize a template to your liking and it is possible to create a relatively unique look but no matter how much you tweak it, the template layout still has something in common with all the other users in common.

It often happens that when a company chooses a layout template and you think that the job is done.

It doesn’t stop there, many of our clients or companies always want us to modify their appearance because they feel that they have visited this display before.

Or another case is that the client just wants his website to resemble another web reference he likes.

Conclusion Website templates

Fortunately, usually creating a website using website templates takes quite a short time and if you don’t have much time and want to market your products online immediately, then you can use website templates.

If you decide to use website templates, you should ask for an estimate of the costs to be incurred if you want to add new features because sometimes design templates do not support adding features so that updates cannot be made.


The difference between a website template and a custom website is as follows:

Costs Required

Costs Required - Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates

The difference from the first template and custom is in terms of costs. You have to be prepared for a fairly expensive fee if the website is custom because the design must be done from scratch or from scratch. The price will be even more expensive if you want to get a website with a unique and good design as you wish.

While the template is suitable for those of you who want a website but on a limited budget. Templates do not require your own design that is done from scratch because there are many options provided. Even some templates can be used for free at no cost. It’s just that you like it or not you have to accept the existing design.

Processing time

Processing time - Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates

Bekasi website creation services will certainly take longer to work on and complete a customized website. Quite a long time is required to create the code, appearance, structure and content or content of the website. All of that is certainly not an easy thing if you want to get satisfying results.

It’s different if you choose a template for website design, the processing time can also be faster. Using a template does not require a process of creating code and structure, only changing the appearance and content. Quite easy and cheap.

Branding Ability

Branding Ability - Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates

One of the purposes of creating a website and using it is to enhance the image of the company or brand of your product and company. Use Custom if you want your company branding to look more professional because the theme will be adjusted to the company name. With a custom website you can choose a theme that matches your company image.

Meanwhile, according to the Bekasi website creation service, if you only use templates, the branding of the company will be less elevated. This is because a template that matches the company image may not exist or is not available, so you have no other choice.

SEO friendly

SEO friendly - Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates

SEO is very important for a website or site because that will make the content created will be seen by more people. Using a website engine The advantage is that it is a customizable and invincible design to have a high level of SEO.

It is said by the Bekasi website creation service that the weakness of the template is the SEO friendly factor. Please note that not all website themes are templates that have a good SEO level and good optimization capabilities.

Custom web design services

Mousmedia is one of the leading companies in website development and the best custom website service provider. Mousmedia has the best development team to customize your product according to your needs. this company is your online business solution and online business solution for you.

All members of the team have special expertise in specific web designs. We started to create a custom website from scratch, giving freedom for those of you who want to order a custom web design, Mousmedia also provides offers for the convenience of its clinent. working 24 hours will make it easy for you to consult about your website.

mousmedia will create your website in a website format and ensure that it works with the latest versions in all browsers. We use quality software to create your website. in addition, we will ensure that your site is fully responsive, which means it will look perfect regardless of what device your visitors are using.

When Mousmedia creates custom webdesign, we will start from the beginning, no template, no graphic template. Our dDesigner will create a series of mock-up designs to be shared with clients and revise them as needed. We have extensive experience in website art and graphic arts, we love to bring creative ideas into your website.

Your business is a unique entity with its own brands and principals. Reflecting this unique persona in special web design is important when it concerns your customer’s impression of you.