Definition of the best lawyer and attorney in Bali

Definition of the best lawyer and lawyer in Bali – Lately it has been commonly known in the community, namely the profession of lawyer. A lawyer who is also called an advocate or attorney is someone who does or provides advice (advice) and defense “represents” for other people who are related (clients) with the settlement of a legal case.

what is lawyer ?

what is lawyer ? - the best lawyer in Bali

Representing clients in criminal court proceedings and other legal processes, compiling legal documents, and managing and providing advice to clients in legal transactions. Can focus on one area or several areas of law.

Duties of a lawyer

Duties of a lawyer - the best lawyer in Bali

  1. Representing clients at the hearing or before entering into government agencies
  2. Present evidence in defense of clients, and prosecute the accused of crimes or civil litigation
  3. Choosing a jury, debating, meeting with judges, and questioning witnesses during the trial
  4. Study the constitution, statutes, decisions, regulations, and procedures of quasi-judicial bodies to determine the outcome of cases
  5. Interpret laws, decisions, and regulations for individuals and businesses

Requirements to Become a Lawyer

Requirements to Become a Lawyer - the best lawyer in Bali

Referring to Article 2 paragraph (1) of the Advocate Law, someone who can become an advocate is those who have a higher legal education background. In addition, it is mandatory to attend special education for the advocate profession held by the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI).

After completing the special education for the advocate profession, you need to take an exam and do an internship at an advocate office for about 2 consecutive years. If you have passed, before carrying out your duties as an advocate, you will be sworn in at the High Court according to your domicile.

4 Qualities Great Lawyers Need to Have

4 Qualities Great Lawyers Need to Have - the best lawyer in Bali

A great lawyer is not only judged by how good he is at mastering the theory and applicable law, but needs to have the following 5 qualities.

Have persuasive skills

In resolving cases in court, a lawyer must have good persuasive skills. The goal is that you can convince the court of the client’s position.

Good at negotiating

The second quality that a lawyer needs to have is negotiation skills. These bargaining skills are useful for reaching a good agreement among the parties concerned.

Can control emotions

Not all trials are always smooth. There are times when a lawyer is faced with arguments or threats that often affect their emotions. Therefore, great lawyers are those who have the ability to control emotions well.

Have a patient attitude

Lastly, a lawyer also needs to practice his patience skills because some cases usually take months before they are finally resolved.

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