How To Access Webmail

Diterbitkan : February 12, 2020

Cara Membuka Webmail

How to Access Webmail – Webmail is one of the many hosting facilities needed to manage / manage email from your own domain. Webmail email services can be accessed through browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, opera and others.
You can send emails, view incoming emails and send emails easily like using Gmail, Yahoo and other email services. Without having to arrange anything. Without having to install anything, that’s a brief explanation of how to Access webmail.

How to Login to Webmail

The steps for logging in to Webmail are,

Login Webmail


Enter then fill in the email and password of the email account that you created yourself from your domain. Webmail login

Choose the Webmail Interface


after logging in, there will be 3 interface options to open email, 3 options are horde, rouncube, squirrelmail. This is an explanation of the 3 interfaces:



Horde: Has features and designs that are more attractive but heavier


Roundcube: The feature is incomplete with Horde but the design is still better than SquirrelMail and access is faster than Horde Roundcubec



SquirrelMail: The interface design is very simple and in terms of features it is not as complete as Horde.

Manage Email on Webmail

Now you can manage your inbox, compose e-mail, check your e-mail sent directly from Webmail in realtime.

Well, for those who want to know how to sync Webmail with Gmail, you can follow step by step How to Connect Email Domain to Gmail. After synchronizing with Gmail, you can also synchronize domain emails on Android or on iOS. Want to know? Please read How to Setting Email on Android and How to Set Email on iOS.