How to change your cPanel password

Diterbitkan : February 12, 2020

mengganti password cPanel
mengganti password cPanel

How to change cPanel passwords – Passwords are one of the important things in an account’s security. As a user who has many accounts sometimes you often experience forgetting passwords. What about cPanel which doesn’t have a “forgot password” feature? here will be explained how to change the cpanel password. This is very useful if possible for those of you who have difficulty remembering passwords.

Login client area

Cpanel2Enter your username and password, this username and password is your account when registering on Mousmedia before purchasing a domain or hosting.

Memilih menu password & security


Next, please write your new password. Always use a password with a combination of numbers, letters and characters to be safe. make sure the password has no element id and domain name because it violates cpanel and security policies. When finished, click Save Changes.

CPanel Password Has Changed

Wait until the password change process is complete. If successful, your password has changed. Now try logging into cPanel, then you can login to cPanel using the new password.