How to login in cPanel

Diterbitkan : February 12, 2020

mengganti password cPanel
mengganti password cPanel

How to Login on cPanel – cPanel is one of the linux based control panels that functions to manage our hosting and is the most widely used in web hosting accounts. You can easily manage all services in one place. You can Login to cPanel through IP Address, Server Name, and Domain Name. All cPanel Information is sent via Email. Here are 3 ways to log in to cPanel:

Login Melalui IP

  • Protocol Http : Http://x.x.x.x//cPanel or http://x.x.x.x/:2082
  • protocol Https : Https://x.x.x.x//cPanel or Https://namadomain:2083

Login Melalui Domain

  • Protocol HTTP : or
  • Protocol HTTPS : or

Login via Name Server

  • Protocol HTTP : or
  • Protocol HTTPS : or

If you login using cpanel port, make sure your ISP / Router opens the port, make sure you use Port 2082 for Http and Port 2083 for Https. If your ISP / Router closes both ports, you can access them with port 80 (standard web port) with the address:

  • Https://



If the Login Page has already appeared, please enter the username and password that have been sent via the activation email, make sure all data is filled in correctly, watch the punctuation marks, etc. if all data has been filled, please click the button “login” to go to the dashboard.

The maximum limit for attempting login is 3 times, if it exceeds the limit your ip will be blocked and you will no longer be able to access cPanel. Immediately contact the hosting provider / server to confirm your ip.

After you have successfully logged in with your cPanel username and password, you will be presented to the cPanel Dashboard. When logging in the first time a “Getting Started Wizard” popup will appear, which will guide you to the initial settings. If you don’t need this wizard, click on the “No, I Fine, Thanks!” Button and check the “Don’t show this again” box so that the popup doesn’t appear when you log in again.

Note :

  • x.x.x is the server’s IP address that is informed by the activation email
  • com customized to your domain name
  • Servername is informed from the activation email