How to connect a personal email to Gmail

How to connect a personal email to Gmail – Gmail is one of Google’s email-based services and can be used in many technological media, such as mobile phones, computers, web browsers, and much more so that it makes users feel comfortable using it.

Connecting personal email to Gmail

The steps for setting up a domain email on gmail are as follows,

1. Please open in your favorite browser, then log in according to your gmail account.

2. After logging into your account dashboard, in the upper right click settings


Cara menghubungkan Email pribadi ke Gmail


3. After entering the settings page select the account tab and import

Cara menghubungkan Email pribadi ke Gmail


4. In the send mail as section, click Add another email address. It is intended that the email domain that has been set up in cPanel can be integrated with gmail. Enter the domain name and email that you created in cPanel. After that, click Next Step.

Cara menghubungkan Email pribadi ke Gmail


5. After that you will be directed to the send mail through your SMTP page, you can choose 2 ports. Port 25 is used for Non SSL. And port 465 is used for SSL.

Cara menghubungkan Email pribadi ke Gmail


You will be directed to the verification page. Try checking the email on your domain’s webmail. Wait 2-5 minutes if there is already an email, open it and look for the verification code. Copy and paste then click verify.

Configure Email to Receive Email from an Email Account in cPanel

After the SMTP configuration is complete, then you need to configure POP3. It is intended that the incoming domain email will be directly integrated with Gmail.

The steps are:

1. Login to your gmail account first. Then choose settings then click tabs accounts and import. In the Check email from another account section. click add email

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2. After the add account form appears, fill in the email address with the email that has been configured.


3. After that click import email from my other account (pop3), and click next


4. Then you will be directed to POP3 email settings. Enter the username, password and POP Server in the cPanel settings. In the POP Server section, enter the URL when you log in cPanel. For POP3, don’t forget to always use port 995 and check the use of SSL. When finished, click Add Account.



You can link your domain email with your Gmail account. By connecting a domain email to Gmail on mousmedia, you will be easier to manage the domain. If you want to manage email on Hosting, you can use Webmail.