How To Create Website Content That Google Likes

How To Create Website Content That Google Likes — Writing quality and interesting create website content is a good choice but difficult to keep. The content that you create is not necessarily good for others so you can revise your content continuously. You can choose the easy way and write makeshift content, choices that ultimately hurt you because it will only waste time and energy.

People who are experts in creating attractive website content are indeed needed in developing a website. Especially considering that now the Google algorithm makes Content Is King, so the better your content, the more your website will rise on Google. These various methods can be applied to make good and interesting articles.

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1. Create good content / original

Original content is content that is in line with Google’s algorithm and the content will be of interest to your visitors. Copying / duplicating content from other people’s websites will cause your website to look ugly to Google. That can make your website indexed by Google.

2. Accurate in Reporting and Taking Information

When you write good content you must gather accurate information. The information you gather will be material for writing articles. You can imagine when the information you get is inaccurate and your article has been read by many people. You can imagine the negative impact on the company and your personal reputation. Remember, your blog is a reflection of your company. If there is a problem with a blog, it will have an impact on how people see your product.

3. Engaging Content

Engaging good content offers something new, new perspectives, knowledge, something useful, inspiring, and entertaining. Content that contains engaging gives readers something they have never seen before. Read our article about the secret of keywords can be entered in the Google search engine.

4. Add illustrations

good content will contain illustrations People learn differently, some people read better by looking at illustrations. To be sure, additional visuals make people learn better. Illustrations that can be pictures, videos or diagrams can help illustrate your content.

5. Don’t Create Clickbait Content

Make good content by not containing fraud in it. The good, make content that “no Click couplet”, here means do not make content with interesting titles but does not contain definite information.

6. Create a List Post

What is a list post? List post is a content or article that has a format in the form of a list, sequence or details. For example, it contains a list of reasons, types, ways, methods, suggestions, tips, and so on. The post list focuses on a particular topic, offers a number of points on the topic, and gives a brief conclusion.
Make Something Informative.

making information dense content must be seen the needs of those who will be ‘given’ information. Select information needs that are deemed able to be processed into interesting content.

Good content not only entertains you for 2 minutes and then disappears.
Content that you always remember, makes you come back to visit it, and share it with your friends and family. You can create more memorable content by making sure
The content you always remember, makes you come back to visit it, and recommend it to friends or colleagues. You can make the content more memorable by making sure the content is worth remembering and useful in the future.