How to Fix Bootloop on Android (Two Easy Ways)

How to Fix Bootloop on Android (Two Easy Ways) – Smartphones are a very important requirement for today’s generation, almost all people from children to grandparents use this very fast-developing technology. Currently, there are so many smartphone manufacturers that are competing to create the most advanced technology or innovation so that the smartphones they make can be recognized and respected by many people in the country and abroad. Even though now technology is very rapidly developing, it doesn’t mean that the smartphone will not suffer damage, one of which is Bootloop.

Bootloop is a problem that will occur in the Android Operating System with signs of not being able to enter the smartphone perfectly resulting in a failure in the boot process, or usually, there will be a boot condition repeatedly or just stuck on the smartphone logo part.

This incident is very annoying because if our smartphone occurs Bootloop we will not be able to enter the smartphone menu, we will not be able to operate the smartphone, as usual, so on this occasion, I will tell you how to solve the Bootloop.

Before I tell you how we first identify what kind of Bootloop you are experiencing, this Bootloop consists of 2 types, the first is light Bootloop (Light Bootloop), which means that the Bootloop is unstable, sometimes it doesn’t exist sometimes and the second is heavy Bootloop (Hard Bootloop), this bootloop is very feared because our smartphone cannot be operated at all or will continue to boot over and over again.
So, here are tips and tricks to overcome the Bootloop that occurs on your smartphone, Cekidot!


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1. Light Bootloop (Light Bootloop)

Bootloop Ringan (light Bootloop)

This bootloop is very easy to fix because it doesn’t require a lot of tools to do it and doesn’t even need it at all.
First of all, open the battery, SIM card, and also your MicroSD card and wait or let it sit for 30 minutes if necessary up to 24 hours to maximize it. Well, for smartphones that are unibody (the battery is implanted / cannot be removed), do so by turning off your smartphone and removing your SIM card and MicroSD card then also waiting for 30 minutes to 24 hours, if there is still a boot loop then that means your smartphone has become heavy boot loop.

2. Heavy bootloop (Hard Bootloop)

Bootloop Berat (hard Bootlloop)

Overcoming this Fix Bootloop on Android is not as easy as overcoming a light boot loop because it requires several steps that can be said to be complicated. Here are the tips and tricks to overcome it. Namely by returning to factory settings or factory reset. But how do you do it while the smartphone can’t boot? Now the easiest way is to enter the Recovery Mode menu.

Note: do a backup for important data first, because this process will erase all the data on your smartphone

To enter the Recovery Mode menu, it is usually done by pressing the Hoem + Volume Up + Power button, but each smartphone brand has different ways from one another. Here are some lists of how to enter Recovery Mode on various brands that I know of:

  1. Samsung
    Home button + Volume Up + Power button pressed simultaneously
    Volume Up Button + Power Button (for those without home button)
    Power button + Volume Up button pressed simultaneously
  3. LG
    Home button + Volume Up button + Power button (for the one with the home button)
    Volume Up Button + Power Button (for those without home button)
  4. Asus
    Volume Up button + Power button pressed simultaneously
  5. ADVAN
    Power button + Volume Down button until the Android image appears and a triangle sign press the Home button

Enter the Recovery Mode menu according to your respective smartphone brand, if successful, you will see an image like the following. Use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to control the cursor and the Power button to click the menu you want to select. Starting by moving the cursor to Wipe data/factory reset then press the Power button.

Then hover the cursor again to Yes – delete all user data and press the Power button. After that, your smartphone will do the reset process. Some devices will restart automatically, but some will only provide complete information.

If your smartphone doesn’t restart automatically, hover over the reboot system now option and press the Power button, wait for the smartphone to turn on perfectly. Until here the boot loop repair process has been completed, now you just have to download the required applications again or move the backup to the smartphone.

These are the tips and tricks if your smartphone is still experiencing a boot loop even though you have followed the method above, I recommend taking it to the trusted and closest counters around your house or maybe bringing it directly to the Sevice Center of your smartphone brand. See you again.