The Importance of a Google My Business Listing

The Importance of a Google mybusiness ListingGoogle my business is a platform from Google that helps your business on the internet, where you can provide detailed company information that will appear at the top of the google search engine. Information that you can add to Google My Business in the form of Google maps, website, telephone number, location details, email address, operating hours, company website, office photos, to client reviews.

Google mybusiness is not only used for new businesses, when your business is widely known to the public, Google mybusiness is also a new strategy to get customers from Google, and make it easier for customers / visitors to find you.

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For business marketing, of course Google My Business is very useful for promotion. Why? Here are some reasons why you should register your business with Google My Business:

1. Google maps to make it easier to find your business

There are more than 1 billion of the world’s population who use Google maps every day.
Google maps has now been named the most popular digital map application. By registering your company on Google My Business you have promoted your business globally.

2. Get a Review of Your Business

Getting a review will strengthen marketing strategies in Word of Mouth (WOM) and Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) in influencing consumers. In marketing science, Communication plays a very important role as a determinant of the success of a marketing strategy. This review feature you can get on Google my business, the more good reviews on Google my business the better your rating on google. You can also interact directly with your customers by replying to the reviews they provide.

3. Make it Easy for Prospective Clients to Find Information About Your Business

By registering your business with Google My Business, When a client searches for your company on Google Client, you will get a brief description of your company, so your prospective client does not need to open a website to find out information about your company.

4. Communication Media of Prospective Clients

Google my business provides a “question and answer” feature that can be a medium of communication with prospective clients. Prospective clients can ask various things about your business / business.

5. Google my business can do client analysis

Google My Busines also provides an “Insight” feature that functions to see the performance of your business compared to your competitors on Google. You can also see the number of customers who have found your business on Google.

Those are some of the advantages if you use Google My Business. Google services that can help maximize your business. You can also read what a custom web design is to add to the appearance of your website