What are search engines and various search engines

What are search engines and various search engines – Search engine sites or search engines have an irreplaceable role since it was first circulated in cyberspace. Lots of internet users are helped by the presence of this service when trying to find accurate and reliable information even though they don’t know the exact meaning of the term “search engine”.

What is a search engine?

Search Engine Mean

A search engine or search engine is a system of software/applications/websites that collects and organizes content from all over the internet, designed to search for various information stored in worldwide web services (WWW), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Mailing Lists, or A newsgroup that is on one or many servers in a network limit.

How to use it? you just enter what you want to search for and the search engine will give you various links to content that matches what you are looking for. Search results pages, commonly called SERP search engine results in pages, provide results for you from the most relevant content. The way search engines determine rankings is different.

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How did Search Engines work?

How Search Engine Works

Search engines use programs that are often referred to as spiders, robots, or crawlers to search for content from all corners of the internet. These crawler search results are then used by search engines to build internet indexes.

Most search engines will tell you about how to increase your page rank in the search results page, the algorithm they use is well maintained and often changes to avoid abuse. But by following some proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, you can ensure that your website is well indexed and remains high in the ranking.

The types of search engines with advantages and disadvantages

1.  Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine

Google LLC is a United States multinational company specializing in Internet services and products. These products include search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising. Most of the profits come from AdWords.

Advantages of Google Search Engine:

  1. Speed ​​and ease of searching.
  2. More sophisticated with the features it has.
  3. Simple display.
  4. Google is the only search engine that has a cache. With this cache, the searcher can save search time, because the
  5. Search results will be displayed.
  6. Can search all information such as pictures, news articles, entertainment, etc.

Disadvantages of Google’s Search Engine:

  1. With its advantages, this search engine turns out to be a target of gamers to display advertisements that are not needed.
  2. They take advantage of every gap in Google’s algorithmic system to force their ads to appear on the front page. So, the search was disturbed.
Google: https://www.google.com/

2. Baidu Search Engine


Baidu Search Engine

Baidu is the most prominent search engine in China. Although only used in China, he is now able to gain global market share and continue to grow. Thanks to China’s large population, Baidu is also the most popular search engine with a domestic market share of around 74 percent compared to Google’s only 1.7 percent as of July 2018.

Advantages of Baidu Search Engine :

  1. Easy to add favorite links to bookmarks
  2. On the main page already provided a link to access public sites that are usually visited
  3. Easy for various pages with friends
  4. The speed of loading web pages on the application is very fast
  5. Read Later feature to read a site page when offline
  6. There are many add-on/apps that we can add to the Baidu Spark browser
  7. The interface is easy just like google chrome
  8. Can stream online without the hassle of installing flash players or other add-ons
  9. Attractive appearance
  10. because the theme can be changed

Disadvantages of Baidu Search Engine :

  1. The choice of creating shortcuts for sites on the second menu page is limited, you cannot add your own favorite sites
  2. Less user-friendly when you want to add a new site window.
  3. when installation must download the file even though there is an installer because the base is the same as google chrome
  4. when the internet connection is bad/slow it is completely unreliable
  5. The average speed for downloads tends to below
  6. when installation must download the file even though there is an installer because the base is the same as google chrome
Baidu: https://www.baidu.com/

3. Bing Search Engine

Bing Search Engine

Although its popularity is not as big as Google’s, Bing still has a big part of search engine traffic. Launching the Statista page, as of April 2018 Bing’s online search engine accounted for 6.45 percent of the global search market.

Advantages of Bing Search Engine:

  1. Having an instant answer facility. This facility is one of the performance innovations that has been successfully developed and integrated into the system to enable Bing to provide answers.
  2. Image or video search results can be displayed and filtered in detail. If a user searches a site or web page that contains image content, then Bing can present a specific and detailed list of search results.
  3. Detail box on the search results in the link. If on other search engine sites, users must click on the link displayed on the page to find out the contents. However, on this Bing, users do not need to click the link again, but only need to hover over the link to display the detail box. Through this detailed box, the user can catch a glimpse of information about the link.
  4. com is a very complete search engine, everything you look for is definitely there.
  5. We can activate the filter system or disable it, so you can open blocked sites.

Disadvantages of Bing’s Search Engine:

  1. Cannot count.
  2. The feature is incomplete.
  3. com less interested by users. d. Bing.com is not fast enough in its search.
Bing: https://www.bing.com/

4. Yahoo! Search Engine

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo! is not a new name as an online search engine. Not just as a search engine, he also presents other features such as mail, news, and finance. Yahoo! was in its heyday before being acquired by Verizon in 2017. The total global market share of Yahoo! ranked third after Google and Bing as of July 2018.

Advantages of Yahoo Search Engine:

  1. The most complete compared to other search engines.
  2. Easier to access than other search engines.
  3. Provides yellow pages and maps.
  4. There are e-mail features that are liked by many people.
  5. Speed and ease of searching.
  6. Many features.
  7. Yahoo also provides one of the functions, namely the web catalog. The link to the help menu can also be recognized well on the login page with a fairly clear description.

Disadvantages of Yahoo Search Engine:

  1. Supporting software is still lacking.
  2. Long loading time.
Yahoo: https://yahoo.com/

5. Yandex Search Engine

Yandex Search Engine

Here goes the most popular search engine in Russia. Yandex has a market share of more than 50 percent in its own country compared to Google’s about 46 percent. This search engine is also present in other countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Belarus.

Advantages of Yandex Search Engine :

  1. Quite a lot of indexes and search results
  2. Much in demand by Europeans and especially parts of Russia
  3. Magz-shaped display, suitable for those of you who like to read news
  4. Complete navigation
  5. Data from each site complete search results

Disadvantages of Yandex Search Engine :

  1. Very, very heavy
  2. Not suitable for you laptop/hp users with low specifications
  3. Navigation is very difficult for people outside Russia
  4. Initial display in Russian
  5. Lots of SPAM-smelling content
  6. Sometimes Yandex often gives Traffic Ghost to web owners
Yandex: https://yandex.com/

6. Naver Search Engine

naver search engine

Naver does only have a small percentage in terms of global market share. However, Naver has a large base in the domestic market, South Korea.

Advantages of Never Search Engine :

  1. This Search Engine (Naver) has provided various features to support the development of a website or as a reference for users.
  2. many tools for developers
  3. Thanks to its algorithm that uses Korean, Naver gives far better results than Google. That is also because Korean syntax is very different from English.

Disadvantages of Never Search Engine :

  1. cannot reach all sites yet.
  2. load slowly
Naver: https://www.naver.com/

7. Ask Search Engine

Ask Search Engine

Ask is also referred to as ‘Ask Jeeves’. Ask is a holding company of well-known Web destinations such as Ask for Kids, Bloglines, and Teoma.

The Ask main page has a simple and efficient appearance. This search engine can respond to searches based on questions, phrases, or words. Ask has a Smart Answers feature that can help you find instant and factual results among many findings.

Advantages of Search Engine Ask :

  1. The advantage is that he will search for sites that provide answers to the questions given
  2. More sophisticated and will display more information on the first page of search results than Google and Yahoo!
  3. The background of the Ask.com search engine can be changed

Disadvantages of Search Engine Ask :

  1. The database is small
  2. Feature is incomplete
  3. In terms of appearance in ordinary review because it is more reliable in the word search
  4. Word search does not have filtering so all data that is not searched is taken
  5. There is no grouping of data, especially in opening images.
Ask: https://www.ask.com/

8. Dogpile Search Engine

Godpile Search Engine

This one search engine is unique. Dogpile is a meta-search engine for information on the World Wide Web whose results are collected from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo !, Yandex, and many other popular search engines.

Launching from the Lifewire page, this engine can search 50 percent more Web than any search engine.

Advantages Of Dogpile Search Engine  :

  1. Every typed word will be linked first to Google, Yahoo, and Bing then the results are transferred back to Dogpile

Disadvantages Of Dogpile Search Engine :

  1. This dogpile teaches the user to copy-paste
  2. Users must scroll through one full page to pass all sponsored links
Dogpile: https://www.dogpile.com/

9. DuckDuckGo (DDG) Search Engine

Duckduckgo Search Engine

Do you need to search with privacy protection? DuckDuckGo can be an alternative. DDG places more emphasis on protecting the privacy of the searcher, reducing advertiser tracking, avoiding filter bubbles, and limiting profiling data.

Advantages of DuckDuckGo Search Engine :

  1. Clean, lightweight, and simple
  2. There will be no tracking
  3. Having a forum to communicate with each other between users, this it possible to replace the email service features.
  4. Has techniques and features that Google doesn’t have (features! Bang)

Disadvantages of DuckDuckGo Search Engine :

  1. Not too well known by the public
  2. Filtering content is still stiff
  3. Search results still cover a broader range
  4. Not as complete as Google
Duckduckgo: https://duckduckgo.com/

10. AOL Search Engine

Aol Search Engine

AOL (America Online) Search is a search engine supported by Bing. AOL approved a 10-year strategic relationship with Microsoft in 2015 by expanding the scope of AOL Advertising. Now, Bing is the web search provider for AOL Search starting January 1, 2016.

Advantages of AOL Search Engine :

  1. AOL email makes it easy to keep in touch with friends, family, and business partners. We will get unlimited storage space, and this software suddenly adds personality to emails that can modify fonts, colors, stationery, and signatures.
  2. AOL is good at controlling spam and helps direct spam emails out of your inbox.
  3. With AOL, tabs in the browser keep multiple sites open without messing up your screen.
  4. Your favorite websites and AOL Search are enhanced by Google, and you are automatically protected from phishing sites that are recognized when you browse the Web using the latest AOL software.
  5. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) has also been integrated in the latest America Online (AOL) so you can see your friends who are online and instantly chat, share photos, and more.
  6. AOL XM Radio has collaborated with the largest and most popular music portal in the pop world, and Yahoo has been limited to non-DRM music is very interesting. Good in the field of digital entertainment is undoubtedly suitable.

Disadvantages of AOL Search Engine :

  1. Maybe for this time the weakness of this browser is only the speed when opening is still not fast enough and the display is still not perfect.
A: https://www.aol.com/

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