What are the Main Features of Laravel Framework and Its Advantages?

What are the Main Features of Laravel Framework and Its Advantages? — When using the Bali web design service, you might be offered some framework options for your web app. One of those frameworks might be the Laravel framework. Before making the right decision, you should know the features offered by this framework. Thus, you can also know more about the benefits offered by this framework that cannot be found in other frameworks.

Main Features of Laravel Framework

Here are some main features offered by the Laravel framework.

Dependency Management

One of several main features offered by the Laravel framework is dependency management. This feature is used for understanding IoC services. That is why new objects might be made with controller turnaround. This is the most important feature for developing a modern web app.


A modern web app cannot be separated from authentication. It is an integral part of a modern web app and it is offered by the Laravel framework out of the box. To run this function, users only need to use a simple order. However, users can also create a system with fully-functioned authentication. The authentication process of the system can also be made automatic.


Modularity is the next feature owned by the Laravel framework. This feature refers to how far the components in the web app can be separated and put together back. Why is this feature important? With this feature, you can proceed to update more easily. You can also improve your new-built-and-developed web functionality to perfection with this feature.


With the routing feature available in the Laravel framework, users can create an app easily because routes are used for mapping all of the requests in this framework. The routes can also be grouped and named. Users can even use filters and tie the data model to the routes.


Another important feature offered by the Laravel framework is caching. Caching technique is used for storing data in a temporary store location. Anytime the data is needed, it will not take long to get it. Almost all of the caching in the Laravel framework comes from the interface to the route. As a result, processing can be done much faster and the performance will be improved. You can find maintenance and SEO in Bali that will help you use this Laravel framework.

Restful Controller

The main function of the restful controller feature is to separate logic in HTTP GET and POST services. With this feature, users can also create a resource controller so that the CRUD making can be done easily.

Testing and Debugging

Is there any other important feature of the Laravel framework? Every application needs to be tested first and you can do it with the Laravel framework, after all. It can be done because this framework comes with PHPUnit out of the box. When developing this framework, it seems that app test is always the top priority consideration to support more testing and debugging.

Template Engine

Laravel framework also comes with a template engine called Blade. It comes with several functions to help users to format data into the interface.

Eloquent ORM

Last but not least, this template also offers the Eloquent ORM feature. With this basis, the Laravel framework can support almost all database machines. It can also allow users to run various database operations on the website. Of course, this feature can also support various database systems, including SQLite and MySQL.

Benefits of Laravel Framework

To ensure that the Laravel framework is the right framework choice for your web app, you need to consider several benefits of this framework.

1. Light Layout Template

Super light layout template might be one of the main reasons why the Laravel framework is better than other frameworks. Besides, this framework also offers features to add templates. That is why app developers can maximize app development with this framework.

2. Framework MVC Support

Since using an MVC structure, the Laravel framework can be used to manage databases easily. From input to the database to data update can be done very easily. You can also organize the user’s interface. Database management and users’ interface can be controlled using this framework, after all.

3. Plenty of Object-Oriented Library

Laravel framework is considered more beneficial than other frameworks because it comes with many object-oriented libraries that cannot be found in the library of other frameworks. For example, this framework comes with an important library called library authentication. With this library, you can access the Bcrypt hashing feature that was considered the most sophisticated at a time.

4. Individual and Independent Modules

A Laravel app can use more than 20 module libraries that have the individual characteristics. The module also has independent characteristics when adopting modern PHP principles so that the web app can be more modular, informative, and responsive.

5. Artisan Tools

Last but not least, the laravel framework also comes with artisan tools that allow you to type some order to build the web or web app. You can also add new features to the framework easily using the add-on feature.

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What are the Main Features of Laravel Framework and Its Advantages? — When using the Bali web design service, you might be offered some framework options for your web app.