What is Responsive Web design and its benefits

What is Responsive Web design and its benefits – In the discussion of this article we will start to know what responsive web design is. The increasing popularity of continuous use of smart devices (tablets, cellphones, etc.) has created a very serious demand for websites to be seen on a small screen.

What is Responsive Web Design ?

Responsive web design is a web page where the appearance will always be suitable, neat and still nice to see if accessed from any device with different layer resolutions, both mobile, tablet, and computer. Resvonsive webdesign aims to provide an optimal surfing experience, responsive webdesign is a technique or method used by web designers to create a website layout that will later adjust according to the appearance of the visitors used. Both the font size, user interface, image and layout will adjust to the screen width and device resolution used by visitors.

Differences in Responsive Web Design with Mobile Design.


Responsive Web Design is not the same as mobile design. Mobile design needs to create an entirely new website or web app with special content created for the mobile experience. In this case responsive website is a site that has the same domain, the same content, and the same syntax, more or less manipulated by JavaScript and / or CSS3 Media Queries.

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A website must look good, but most importantly, it can be used equally on smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and desktops or laptops without damage to their appearance, of course, pleasing to the eye. This does not only affect someone who visits our website, but for those of you who use Google to increase traffic to the website / blog that you create, this is very important.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

Many web designers use this technique both locally and internationally and this may also consider the client or with consideration of the following advantages and disadvantages :

Advantages of Responsive Website :

  1. Responsive

    Of course, it can be accessed by various devices with different screen sizes and still with a neat display.

  2. Cost effective

    Customers only need to pay for the development of one website. No mobile application or mobile website required.

  3. Ease of maintenance

    With proper planning, using responsive web design can allow for some efficiency because you don’t have to create all the new content for every channel you want to reach.

  4. Sub domain savings

    Sub domain savings, which should access with a mobile device must use “m” in front of the domain, now it is enough to type the domain name only and the display will adjust to the device used.

Disadvantages of Responsive Website :

  1. Can extend development time and upfront costs.

    In the points we mentioned will save time, but not for manufacturing in the initial stages. This will take a while to build the structure.

  2. Content must be equally available on all platforms and operating systems.

    Some people try to take the easy step by hiding content and elements that tend to be more difficult to handle on a mobile device.