What is SSL certificates and SSL certificate types

What is SSL certificates and SSL certificate types  – SSL asks for words that are quite familiar to domain and hosting users, so the question is, What is SSL?

What is SSL certificates ?

SSL certificate is a data file that functions digitally and keeps your website automatically encrypted so that your data will not be read by hackers who try to hack your website. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and https protocol and allows a secure connection from the web server to the browser.

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How does SSL work ?

SSL encrypts data in two directions, both from the server and client side. The SSL security system is likened to a parent key and key. The key is used to open data wrapped in an SSL system (key parent) through the website protocol by the client computer. Here’s how SSL works:

  1. The browser visits a web page that uses SSL.
  2. Simultaneously the client computer browser asks the server computer to provide the website’s SSL identity to validate the website’s security status.
  3. The server computer sends a duplicate of its SSL certificate.
  4. The client computer browser verifies the SSL certificate that the website has. If true, the browser will send a request to make an encrypted connection to the server.
  5. The client binds to SSL HTTPS website.
  6. The server computer sends the key in the form of a digital signature to transfer data with the client computer with a special identity (Private Key) that can only be used by the client computer. This digital key is used by the browser to open the information requested from the website and secure the data sent to the website, because every data streamed will be wrapped by an SSL system with a special identity.
  7. The client receives a private key.
  8. Encrypted connections can be made and the client computer browser displays the status of “Connection is secure”. To inform the user that the website is safe to protect the data.

Benefits of using SSL:

  1. Increase the confidence of website visitors to do transactions or business with you.
  2. Secure transactions on the website with encryption including credit card data, passwords, etc.
  3. Websites that use SSL / HTTPS get a better SEO ranking from Google compared to websites that are not protected by SSL.
  4. Have the right to display SSL Secured Seal on the website.
  5. Increase sales or conversion rates on websites as a result of increased consumer confidence.
  6. (EV SSL) Increase the prestige of your company with the green bar and company name in the browser address bar.
  7. (EV SSL from Symantec) Get free malware scanning and security vulnerability assessment services from Symantec.

Types of SSL Certificates :

  1. Single Domain SSL
    In accordance with its name, SSL Single Domain is one type of SSL that only protects one site in one domain. This type of SSL only applies to main domain OR one sub domain.
  2. SSL Wildcard Domain
    Unlike the Single Domain SSL, SSL Wildcard is SSL which can protect the main domain site AND many sub domains at once. In fact, even though there are many sub domains in it.
  3. Greenbar SSL
    Understanding SSL Greenbar itself is a type of SSL that is equipped with a description of the name of the company in front of the https protocol, this is intended to increase website visitors’ trust in the company website owner. To purchase this type of SSL, special submissions are required which process a little more than buying ordinary SSL, among others.

SSL jenis ini akan menambah prestiusnya website, terutama untuk perusahaan dan toko online.

What are the terms in SSL ?

  1. Grade

    this is the level of security of the server where the SSL Certificate is installed (so it does not determine the quality of the SSL Certificate directly, but it is a measure of how secure the server is).

  2. Warranty

    this is the guarantee given by the party issuing the issue of the SSL Certificate, usually in USD. If an SSL hack is broken by the hacker, then the provider.

  3. Secured Site Seal

    if you use an SSL Certificate that gets a Secured Site Seal, that means you can install the Secured Site Seal on your website to indicate that your website is protected by a quality SSL Certificate (and can also be used to validate whether the SSL Certificate You are truly genuine and trusted).

  4. Green Address Bar

    a privilege granted to website owners with an SSL Certificate Extended Validation (EV) class where in the browser a green bar will appear with the name of your company / organization in green text on the browser.

  5. EV (Extended Validation)

    the process of validating (checking) company / organization data that will get an SSL Certificate. This process is very similar to the .co.id domain registration process, where we have to submit a lot of important and official documents of your company / organization. If a website shows a Green Address Bar, it means that the website company / organization has gone through a lot of complicated validation stages, and it indicates that the company / organization is truly bona fide and so is the SSL Certificate.

  6. Gated Cryptography Server

    in general, the encryption process that occurs on an SSL connection occurs using software. With Server Gated Cryptography, encryption is done via the server – this will increase the security of the connection up to several times.

  7. Guaranteed Express Delivery

    guarantees a fast SSL Certificate setup process

  8. FREE Vulnerability Assessment

    a feature that only exists on SSL Certificates issued by Symantec, which is the free scanning feature of your website for security gaps such as viruses / trojans / malware etc.