What is the advantage of social media marketing

What is the advantage of social media marketing — Social Media Marketing is the activity of using social media as a means to conduct marketing techniques so that products/services can be spread optimally.

Advantages in using Social Media Marketing

Advantages in using Social Media Marketing - advantage of social media marketing

A study mentions that over 3.2 billion people in the world are using social media today. This figure becomes an interesting fact, as well as evidence that social media is indeed loved by the community.

With social media, the marketing process that is done will be much more enjoyable. There are several advantages that could be the reason why this type of marketing is important. Here’s the explanation.

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1. Relatively cheap price

Relatively cheap price - advantage of social media marketing

Creating a social media account for your business is free, but surely you need a reliable team to create quality content.

2. Flexible to run paid advertising

Flexible to run paid advertising - advantage of social media marketing

The Paid advertising offered by Facebook Ads is very convenient for you to use because it can run whenever you need it, and in accordance with the specified budget.

4. Regular and regular replacement of content

Regular and regular replacement of content - advantage of social media marketing

Unlike other media, you can upload different content every day, according to your needs. Compare with radio or television ads, they will only run one script that we already have prepared.

5. Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence - advantage of social media marketing

No one else, social media presence is needed by a business because consumers are looking for information about a product or service through social media, in addition to using search engines.

6. Customer Relationship Management medium.

Customer Relationship Management medium - advantage of social media marketing

A lot of businesses have forgotten the importance of good relationships with consumers, so that consumers also turn to competitors ‘ products or services alike.

Your social media account can accommodate a wide range of complaints, suggestions, and anything that consumers feel so you know what needs to be fixed quickly.

In addition, social media can also accommodate the idea of consumers to help you run new product development.

7. Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness - advantage of social media marketing

A product is increasingly recognized in its existence when uploaded on social media continuously. This is because slowly the community will start paying attention.

Initially the community might just look at the products or services you offer for a while. However, if it continues to be uploaded on social media, a product will begin to be considered there and be remembered by the community.

This is because social media is a platform that is constantly consumed every day by people.

8. Get Product feedback and marketing strategy

Get Product feedback and marketing strategy - advantage of social media marketing

This is the advanced stage of the social media marketing effect. Once recognized in existence, a product will begin to be a subject. You can also see how customers interact with the content on your social media. For example, by giving like or follow your account.

Plus, social media also offers comment features. This allows people to give their opinions about the product you’re offering or how you market your products.

For companies, this can be a tool to measure the advantages and disadvantages of a product or marketing strategy that you choose.

9. Learn about Competitors

Learn about Competitors - advantage of social media marketing

Learning your competitors is easier with social media marketing. Because social media marketing is now lively used by companies to market products.

By being active on social media, the strategies that competitors do can be your learning materials.

Tips on running social Media Marketing

1. Create the right content

Create the right content - advantage of social media marketing

Creating social media marketing content should certainly be in line with the objectives you want to achieve. For example, if your target audience is young, you should create fresh, attractive content for them. It can be mirrored from the selection of appropriate images and colors.

The right content will result in a good conversion rate. Conversely, inappropriate content will not produce the desired results.

2. Mature content Planning

Mature content Planning - advantage of social media marketing

As discussed in the previous point, it is very important to produce the appropriate content. However, if your social media account is only fulfilled by the product image or service you are selling, it will be difficult for you to bring in traffic. For example, it’s important for a business account to upload a post that is a greetings to show engagement from your business to the social world. Greeting content such as birthday greetings is very important to be put into your social media agenda.

3. Consistency


Obviously, the consistency and commitment of your marketing team to run a social media campaign is very important. Imagine, if your account only posts once every two months. What will your followers feel?

They will assume that your brand is inconsistent and will probably leave you. Consistency is also very important when the initial activation of social media is a business.

4. Analysis of competitor

Analysis of competitor

What is your competitor’s social media activity? What kind of content do they convey to their fanbase? These things are very important for you to learn because there is definitely a reason in every marketing activity they do.

It’s possible that you can find a content strategy that’s much more interesting than them.

5. Analyze your social media activity

Analyze your social media activity

The number of followers, likes and comments is a standard indicator that you should take note of at all times. These numbers indicate the success of your campaign quantitatively.

In addition, you should also pay attention to things that are qualitative, such as the number of questions about the products or services you offer, how to order, and so on.

6. Giving Gimmick

Giving Gimmick

Everyone loves free stuffs, yes right! Awarding of consumer promo such as discount vouchers or free items has been proven effective in increasing audience engagement rate. Of course, there are some strategies to be aware of, don’t let anything like this be a boomerang for you!

7. Learn about audience tastes

Learn about audience tastes

First, look at your customer or audience tastes. Audience tastes can be a benchmark for the product we make.

In addition, by mapping out your audience’s tastes, you can decide what content you want to create on social media. The more suited your audience tastes to the content you present, the more engagement is bigger.

8. Decide which platforms to target

Decide which platforms to target

Secondly, determine in which platform the product will be sold. As we mentioned above, every platform has its own features. This will affect the presentation of the content of the products to be sold.

For example a product will be marketed on Instagram. Thus, the product must be marketed in a millennial style. What is why? Most Instagram is used by millennials, so the content should be packaged as relevant as possible.

9. Create Engaging content

Create Engaging content

Engaging content should result in improved engagement and sharing. With interesting content, people can also be moved to buy or use a marketed product.

To create interesting content, you should definitely do some research first. Find out what content is needed by your audience and what kind of content they like the most. For example, your your audience prefers video content, you can focus on creating interesting videos.

10. Evaluation


Social Media will present accurate data on success in the marketing process. These data can be used as learning materials for better social media marketing in the future.

Besides engagement and sharing, there are other factors that could benchmark the success of social media marketing. Among other followers, the number of people who viewed the content, as well as how many people re-upload content created.

Using the digital agency services for social media marketing?

From the above exposure, you now have a picture of who is needed to run social media marketing. A designer to make the display of content look neat and attractive and a copywriter to compose the word that was created in the design of the content to be uploaded. Both work together to create content for your social media accounts that can communicate your own business identity brand.

Sure you can hire your own employees for social media management. But it is not recommended for businesses that have no experience in social media at all. Social Media management requires a subtle approach because your target consumers can easily know the content that is not authentic.

If you’re one of those beginner businesses, it’s better to hand them over to the more experienced ones. Mousmedia provides special services led to your product maintenance please visit the page SEO Services & Maintenance, this service is provided by Mousmedia to help the website owners and companies who do not have the time and HR enough to maximize the product and its website.