What is web design, web design goals and functions

What is web design, web design goals and functions ? – In the discussion of this article we will begin to recognize What is web design. To display a web design or content of a website, a web browser or software based on web is needed. The purpose of web design is to create a website that includes a collection of online content including documents and applications residing on a web server.

Definition of Web Design

What is web design ? Web design is a term about visual design that is applied to digital media, namely websites, design that is intended for the development and styling of information on the internet to provide high-end consumer features and provide aesthetic quality. The definition offered separates web design from web programming, emphasizes the functional features of a website, as well as the design of the web’s position as a kind of graphic design.
Indirectly, this website design focus on appearance, but will not eliminate the main function that is being designed. able to provide additional convenience for visitors and readers of the website.

The Purpose of Web Design

The purpose of web design is as one of the communication media, which indeed aims to create or convey information quickly and realtime.

Like when you visit a website, there will be a design first seen. Both from the composition, color to a very diverse layout. For good web designers, they will certainly understand the essence of color. Web designers will also have a feeling that can make readers and visitors imagine what is on the website. Starting from the selection of which color design is comfortable to the eye.

Avoiding colors similar to text and background is also very necessary in this case. The layout and image are also very calculated. Because it can affect the interest of website visitors. In the picture, it’s good to choose a picture that is very complex. Attractive and able to support the composition of the theme of the website itself.

Function of web design

The function of web design itself can be used as a more interesting communication media. The communication function can be seen from websites that have dynamic values. Usually this website is created using a website program that will be equipped with facilities that will support the existing communication functions.

One of them by using Web Design that will make visitors more interested to see. In the information function, then when you use the design will emphasize the quality of the content so that the content can be conveyed properly.
While the entertainment function of this website is used as a tool that can improve the quality of presentations. Especially in websites that provide promotions or whatnot. Ranging from games, movies, online music and others.
For the transaction function can be used as a good business media. Because with a good website design, it will attract many companies, connecting to consumers and marketing processes easier.

Important Elements of Web Design

Web design is always changing with the times. There are trends that are entirely new, some are a repetition of the trend of the past few years. But, the essential elements in it have not changed much.
The elements of web design are not only to make the web good to look at, but also to make it easier for readers and Google Crawlers when exploring our website. In other words, increase user experience (UX). Important elements in website design:

  1. Layout

    Layout of a website should consider the location of the preparation of design elements that make it easy for readers to digest the flow of information.

  2. White space

    White space is useful to help the human eye organize data.

  3. Font type

    The principle of choosing letters for the web (web fonts) is somewhat different from when choosing letters for printed material such as brochures, pamphlets, books, or other printed material.

  4. Color Options

    The website is not a canvas containing abstract paintings, we are conveying information to readers, not distracting their eyes.

  5. Navigation

    Navigation is like a floor plan or road directions that make it easy for readers to find whatever content or product category they want.

  6. “Search” button

    There is nothing more annoying than visiting a website and not finding the search button.

  7. Contact page

    Readers and clients must know whether the site they are visiting is actually managed by a genuine company or person, not fictitious.

  8. Footer

    Footers can contain repetition of information provided that the information is crucial.

  9. Image Quality

    However, we must still consider the visual aspects to entice the reader.

  10. Content Quality

    Content is the king of a website, if the content you describe is not good, it will make your website look messy.

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