Why Website Maintenance is Important for Your Business

Why Website Maintenance is Important for Your Business – Website Maintenance Phase is usually done after the website has been created to make the website always normal. Website Maintenance Services is intended for agencies / companies that do not have Special Staff For Website Maintenance, individuals or institutions that do not have special abilities to perform website maintenance and maintenance. Web Developer will offer Website Maintenance Services. If the company does not use the website maintenance services provided by the web developer, the company only needs to pay after the specified package. Will everything go smoothly like that?

What is Website Maintenance

Agencies / Companies that do not use website maintenance services from their web developers must maintain their own websites. Companies must pay special staff who can work on technical web servers, mail servers, coding and web design for marketing. In addition, in terms of experience, the staff is definitely less than the web developers who are indeed their focus in that field.

Why do websites need to be maintained? The website that has been published will work 24 hours a day and is continuously accessed by visitors from all over the world, starting from dozens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of visitors every day. The website also consists of files and a large database. website files that are placed on a server that requires a lot of access rights so that it takes a lot of time, don’t be surprised if one time the website is difficult to access, long loading, file not found, hacked by irresponsible people. For this reason website maintenance is needed to carry out maintenance, maintenance and repairs to ensure all website files function normally as they should.

5 Reasons to Maintain a Website

Reason Website Needs Maintenance so that the website does not get any errors when accessed. These are the reasons why you need to take care of the website so that the target of creating a website can be achieved optimally:

1. The Serach engine is selective in displaying every search result

Only high-quality websites are able to appear on the home page of search engines. The more quality and SEO the website will occupy the initial page and even the initial order of search results. Website that has good quality in terms of content and also technically it looks also called Google Friendly / SEO Friendly.

2. Social media optimization to get the most internet users

According to the latest data Facebook is the most social media user in the world, then below it is followed by Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Massager, etc. That means your company absolutely needs to have a social media account, especially Facebook. Because through this social media your company can greet its customers directly. And vice versa, customers can also submit criticisms, suggestions and responses in the use of products or services from your company.

3. Industry needs to change the appearance / function of websites quickly

Here the website can be likened to a corporate front office or an offline store that serves to convey if there is a change in service or to convey the latest information relating to the company’s products and services to customers, and this can be done quickly given the ability of the website that can do at any time.

4. Virus and hacker attacks on websites are increasing

A data shows that the virus and hacker attacks on websites have increased annually by having various modes. Starting from fad until it can make the system on the website become paralyzed. In 2013 alone, around 40 million attacks from hackers were identified in the world. With this, the website owner really needs to do a nurse so that when a virus or hacker is detected in the website system, it can be handled as soon as possible. Do not let the existence of viruses and hackers go unnoticed so that over time will make the system on the website become paralyzed even without you knowing the hacker has stolen data from your company for negative purposes.

5. Hosting that also requires maintenance

As with any electronic device you have, hosting also requires supervision and maintenance. Because every visitor activity on the website can cause hosting requires a very large CPU usage, so that it can make your website pages slow or the slang term slow when being opened, or more dangerous hosting you can be subject to unilateral suspension from the hosting service provider because it is considered has violated the TOS (Term of Services) regulations.

Actions taken during website maintenance

As explained above, the main purpose of website maintenance is to keep the website in a normal condition and work as it should. For this reason, regular website maintenance actions or activities are required which include:

  1. Periodic Data Backups (web files and database server) So that if things happen that are not desirable it can be
  2. immediately restored / restored again.
  3. Always optimize website files so that websites always appear normally.
  4. Always check the Serf URL for errors to make sure there are no error pages when publishing to search engines.
  5. Web hosting, maintenance, maintenance, program analysis, monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, space
  6. monitoring, etc. A thorough check and repair of safe web files is not hacked, viruses, or malware.
  7. Ping services regularly for search engines.
  8. Input and update data regularly so that the website is always good on search engines.

Professional Website SEO & Maintenance Services

A website that has been properly and properly maintained will certainly be indexed by Google faster. Some website services provide professional Seo & website maintenance services such as Mousmedia.

To do website maintenance on a regular basis requires experts who already understand the world of websites and online marketing. You can hire an admin for a monthly fee like employees in general or you can also work with website maintenance service providers such as Mousmedia to minimize costs to be more efficient.

Mousmedia is one of the leading companies in website development and Professional Website SEO & Maintenance service providers. Mousmedia has the best Maintenance team to match your target market. Mousmedia is the maintenance solution for your website.

Mousmedia will provide optimal seo & website maintenance services so you don’t have to worry about your website anymore.

Maintenance services provided by mousmedia :

  1. 1 main keyword
  2. custom additional keywords
  3. Update 20 content / month
  4. Weekly Full Backup
  5. Technical improvements
  6. UI & UX improvements
  7. Social Media Management
  8. Increase web page speed
  9. 2000 page visits / day

Maintenance services provided by Mousmedia include :

  1. Technical improvements
  2. One page Seo
  3. Content Optimization
  4. Build Backlinks
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Newsletter Management
  7. Maintenance of cPanel
  8. Off Page Optimization
  9. Bug Maintenance & Repair
  10. Email Maintenance
  11. Visitor Location traffic
  12. Broken Link Checker
  13. Complete Website File Backup
  14. Monthly report
  15. Image Size Optimization
  16. Database backup

For this reason, website maintenance is mandatory if you intend to go online. If you are not ready to carry out a website maintenance, it is better not to have a website, because a website that is not well managed will often error, and in fact make your company or business image decrease.