Why Website Speed Is Important In 2021 and How To Check It

Why Website Speed Is Important In 2021 and How To Check It ​​— The Importance of Website Speed ​​For SEO Website speed is one of the keys to the sustainability of a website. How not one of the factors to be on the first page of google is the speed of the website, if a website is slow when opened, it is likely that google will not give it a good rating. Not only does Google give a bad rating, visitors will also leave websites that have a slow loading process, it will only increase the high bounce rate and lower your website’s score in the eyes of search engines.

Google now has an AI that can rank websites according to the quality and impact of the website on many people. One of Google’s main assessment factors in ranking websites is the speed of the website, even the importance of the point of this website speed has been conveyed by Google long ago.

Because it has become the attention of the largest and most widely used search engine in the world today, Google really appreciates websites that have the best speed to put on the first page. So, you need to know what actually makes website speed so important.

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Why is website loading speed important?

Fast or slow loading of your website turns out to have an effect on the ranking and quality of your website in the eyes of Google. Why is that so? here is his explanation:

Google Ranking

As explained a little earlier, the reason website speed is important is because this factor has a direct impact on your site’s ranking or ranking on Google search results pages. According to Google, a web page should ideally be able to load in less than 3 seconds for any device. , both computers and smartphones.

Ten years later, Google again announced the latest update, namely Page Experience.

Page Experience is one of the signals or factors for Google’s assessment to rank sites starting in 2021.

This factor focuses on the user experience when someone visits the site.

Well, one of the things that makes the user experience enjoyable is of course site speed.

Good first impression

A good first impression will make visitors return to your website over and over again, of course, many digital marketers agree that the first impression on a website must be good and it is very important for the continuity of the quality of the website on search engines. website administrators. By creating a super fast website, you can make a good and professional first impression. A slow website will make visitors lazy to open it again even though the content in it is important according to them.

According to Neil Patel (professional SEO expert), 89% of search engine users say that they will not return to websites that load slowly the first time they open them.

Conversion rate

Website visitors certainly really like a website that is faster. Websites that are slow by just 1 second are likely to have a 7% reduction in conversion rates. If they have to wait 3 seconds longer than the ideal time of 2 seconds, then the conversion rate will be very low.

Bounce rate

The importance of website speed is not only because of its impact on conversion rates, but also the bounce rate. Visitors will not linger on a very slow website, and a slow website will increase the bounce rate. It will have a big impact on your website.

Long term negative impact

If your website has a slow loading speed without any improvements for a long time, this can have a negative impact, not only is the bounce rate high, the conversion rate is low, and it doesn’t appear optimally on search results pages, your consumers will stop liking the brand. You. This happens because of a bad user experience or user experience when visiting your website. Without good credibility your business will not be able to develop quickly.

Contact a Professional SEO Consultant

If you find it difficult to improve the speed of your website, you can consult certain parties like us. We will take the perfect action to improve website speed for your SEO.

How to know the loading speed of our website

After knowing how important the loading speed of a website is, you must immediately optimize your website. Are you confused about where to check the speed of your website? Here are some online tools to check website speed.

Google Page Insights

Speed Loading Website Google Page Speed Mousmedia

Google Page Insight is a website that can check the speed of your website by crawling your website from various ip and website modes. Google page insight is the first choice for website owners because this website was created directly by Google as a reference to find out the speed of your website in visitors. You can use this website for free as long as the website you create is online and can be accessed anywhere.

How to use Google Page Insight is also very easy, you only need to enter the url of your website that you want to check for speed. Google page insight will crawl your website in a few minutes, after that the results will come out in the form of a number range from 0-100 and a color range from red, yellow, to green. The results of the scores displayed are desktop and mobile.

Google page speed also provides services in the form of suggestions for improvements in increasing website speed. Moreover, for sites that get a small score and are red in testing with google page speed.


Speed Loading Website Yslow Mousmedia

Yslow is a plagiarism to test the speed of your website, this plugin is available to check the speed of your website in a simple, fast, and safe way. Some applications that support this plugin include mozilla firefox, google chrome, safari, or opera. In addition to offering ease of use, Yslow also provides good analytical results for a speed test plugin. You can get this plugin for free.


Speed Loading Website Gtmatrix Mousmedia

GTMetrix is ​​one of the widely used tools to get detailed reports on the performance of a website. GTmatrix can also accurately determine the load time of a website. How to use it is the same as Google Page speed insight. You only need to enter the url to the website you want to analyze for speed.

After the analysis is running, you can see the results directly under the analysis page. There is an assessment that is exactly the same as page speed, starting from grade A to F. Gtmatrix also displays details that you must improve for your website so that the speed score can increase.

Gtmatrix also has a feature of displaying website laod results when analyzed, so you can know whether your website is very slow in the user area or not.

You can use Gtmatrix as a reference for speed scores because this website has been widely used by professionals, in addition to Google page speed.


Speed Loading Website Pindom Mousmedia

Pingdom is one of the most popular tools. How not, this tool is easy to use because it presents optimal features and a simple display with complete information. Pingdom is also not much different from gtmatrix and google pagespeed. You just enter your website address in the column provided and press the test now button to start crawling your website. The results for the analysis will be displayed when the analysis is 100% completed.

The results of the analysis displayed by pingdom are usually in the form of graphs that make it easier for the reader. Other features possessed by pingdom are also not inferior to similar software, the most interesting feature of pingdom is the feature of testing website speed in several locations at once, tracking test history or sharing test results.

Web page test

Speed Loading Website Webpagetest Mousmedia

Webpagetest is a website analysis tool that allows you to check website speed from various locations around the world using a free browser. The service from webpagespeed, you can check the website on mobile and desktop views and you can also specifically choose the selected browser platform.

Other supporting features that webpagetest has are also no less complete than its competitors. Webpagetest is equipped with the ability to capture video automatically repeat the test up to 9x.