Why Should You Use Laravel Framework for Your App Web?

Why Should You Use Laravel Framework for Your App Web? — Are you looking for a Bali web design service with a great understanding of the Laravel framework? Why do you choose Laravel instead of other frameworks? This framework comes with various benefits, indeed.

Fast and Easy

Why has Laravel become one of the best PHP frameworks? This framework became the top framework because many developers are using this framework. It means that they are pretty familiar with this framework. Besides, this framework also comes with a lot of built-in template options. Developers can develop the website simply and easily with those templates.

How long does it take for a developer with Laravel expertise to finish a website? An expert Laravel developer will only need one day or two to finish a website with 5-6 pages using this framework. Short website development time can help business owners to reduce costs and get results much faster.

Security Priority

Websites for business cannot be separated from security because it will ensure the customers’ satisfaction. That is why when building a website for business, security becomes one of the top priorities. Laravel framework offers sophisticated security features with ease for configuration. A better security system can protect the website from hackers and cybercriminals’ attacks.

The security system of the Laravel framework is supported by the use of the Bcrypt hashing algorithm that will never store passwords in the database. Compared to other frameworks, Laravel is also supported by great user authentication and restricted access features that can be created very easily. This way, developers’ and users’ data can be safer.

Better Website Performance

How about the website performance with the Laravel framework? This framework supports website caching out of the box. This great benefit might not be able to be found in many other frameworks. This caching model allows the website speed to improve significantly. To improve web performance further, this framework also creates the techniques to optimize web speed. Those techniques include memory use reduction and easiness to implement database indexing. If you want to create a speedy and SEO-friendly website, the Laravel framework must be the best choice.

Great Traffic Handling

Maintenance and SEO in Bali will be needed as your business grows. Remember, traffic volume to your website will increase when your business is growing. Compared to other frameworks, a website built with the Laravel framework can handle website requests much faster.

There is a unique message queue system used by this framework. As a result, you can give certain website tasks, such as sending emails at a later time. Handling those tasks can waste your time. A lot of it is not supported by the system. When you can control those tasks properly, your website can proceed with the task faster.

It is useful for the health of your website server. It is also great to lower the hosting costs of your website in the long run.


Laravel framework is also flexible because it can be used for building a complex eCommerce website or a simple professional B2B website. This framework can be used for creating and supporting various great features for your website because of its extensive pre-installed authorization libraries. You can add password reset and encryption features to your website, as well. You can also find many third-party packages that can be used to add more features and functionalities to your website.

Easiness of Third-Party Integration

Nowadays, almost every website must be integrated with third-party apps. They can include a payment system or marketing tool used by your company. Laravel framework makes any third-party integration easy because it comes with clean APIs for integration needs. It means that this framework can be the right choice when your website needs a payment system or automation tool to manage marketing.

Simple Website Maintenance

Once you build the website successfully, you also need to maintain it. What if you find a hard time maintaining your website because of the wrong choice of framework? If you do not want to find this problem from time to time, you should use the Laravel framework for your website.

You do not have to depend on the first developer that built your website when you want to add some new features in the future. The new developer will easily pick up anything left by the previous developers. Laravel website maintenance will be to the point because of some features, including OOP principles, MVC architecture, and clean code.


What about the costs to use this framework? Will it be expensive to use this framework since it comes with many benefits that cannot be found in other frameworks? You do not have to worry because Laravel is an open-source framework. It means that you can feel free to use it for various website development projects without having to pay at all.

Nevertheless, you still need to pay a great Laravel developer to build your website. The most important thing is that the website development cost can be lowered because it comes with lower maintenance costs than other frameworks. This framework is more cost-efficient in the long run.

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