13 Web Design Reference Site 2020

13 Web Design Reference Site 2020 – As a company that provides Web design and Graphic Designer services, the Mousmedia Team is required to stay creative and come up with new and fresh ideas. The key to always being creative is to increase references.

According to Steve Jobs:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”, – Steve Jobs

So we will provide a list of websites that can provide references when our ideas are stuck. Well, here we will provide 13 list of reference websites:

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1. Pinterest


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can upload images that can be put into the categories you want. Such as the ‘Clean web design’ category which contains a clean website design image.

Pinterest is the best source of website design inspiration for mousmedia team. By typing keywords web design / graphic design in the search field, you can find website design inspiration. You can also save design inspiration by clicking on the pin feature provided.


2. Dribbble


Dribbble is a designer community that allows designers to upload their work. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, and logo designers can use this site to display their work. You can look for various designs that can be your inspiration. I used to use Dribble if the design I was looking for was not found on Pinterest and to find references about UI design apps, web designs and other modern-themed designs.

3. Awwwards


Awwwards is a place where the website with the best design in the world is collected and given a value by the members there, Not just anyone can enter the website to awwwards a lot of selection is held. A website that makes it on awwwards certainly has very high design, usability, creativity, content, and mobile values. Visitors can also give comments to the websites that are displayed.

4. Webdesign inpiration

Web Design Inspiration

web design inspiration is a website that provides many interesting design lists. Here there is a menu that makes it easy for you to see the website’s appearance when on desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. Therefore we also recommend that you visit webdesign-inspirations.

5. 99 Designs


99Designs is not a place that is devoted to finding design inspiration, 99Design is a website that provides the number 1 design contest in the world (other than awwwards). The web design at 99design is the design of web design professionals and who won the webdesign contest at 99design. Therefore we also recommend that you visit 99Designs.

6. Themeforest


Just like 99design, themeforest is not a website that provides web design inspiration. Themeforest is a marketplate website that sells wordpres design templates from all over the world. The website sold at themeforest has passed the selection of the webdesign masters. Sometimes we get design inspiration from them.

7. Favorite Website Awards (FWA)


In addition to the two awards above, there is still one more award event, namely Favorite Website Awards (FWA). FWA has been held since 2000 and is assessed by professional judges. Just like awwwords and 99Design, FWA also gives awards for the best website today called FWA of The Day. You can also send a website link to FWA if your website feels good.

8. The Design Inspiration


The design inspiration is a website that provides web design designers with illustrations, illustrations and logos. We usually use this website when we want to create logos, vector designs, and illustrations. We rarely look for website designs here because of designs that are anti-mainstream and out of the box.

9. Behance


Behance is a website owned by Adobe, most of the website works in behance have a style similar to dribbble, the difference is only designed to be displayed in full project.

10. The Best Designs


The appearance of The Best Design is very similar to admire the web, In addition to the appearance of a good website, the best design also gives us access to the author’s profile link. The best design provides a source of website design inspiration from design of the day which is updated almost every day.

11. Site Inspire


Site Inspire is the best website for finding design inspiration. You can register your website on this site. However, site inspire only accepts a maximum of 200 submissions. This website is almost the same as the website I mentioned above, the difference is only in simple navigation and not many annoying advertisements.

12. CSS Design Awards


CSS Design Awards is an awarding platform for website design from freelance web design, studios, and international scale agencies. Through CSS design Awards, you can get the best website inspiration. Design is judged here by judges who are professionals in the field of website design.

13. block.store


Block.store is a website that gives you inspiration for login / register forms, icons, navigation, and search boxes. Website design here is pretty hard to imitate, this is good for people who like challenges.