10 Best Restaurant Logos for your inspiration

10 Best Restaurant Logos for your inspiration – First impressions / first glances are very important in a business and to get a good impression it’s always good to put the best of the business forward. In the context of a restaurant business, a good logo will show an important impression the first time you see it.

Restaurant logo is a visual representation of the restaurant brand and brand. They give visitors / potential customers a glimpse into the concept, vision, and values ​​of your restaurant.

(So ​​they’re kind of a big deal)

In this article, we will explain what a restaurant logo is, the quality of a restaurant logo, and the 10 coolest logos according to mousmedia.com in order to inspire and add references to your restaurant logo.

What is a restaurant logo

A restaurant logo is a symbol consisting of text or an image that helps the public identify a business.

A logo is something that is “more than just a scratch”

A unique outline should have something that grabs people’s attention and conveys the work ethic, cuisine and strength of your restaurant. A unique logo will feel alive and comfortable in a variety of ways, for example on the food menu, business cards, signboards, food containers, uniforms, websites, social media, and others.

Therefore, investing in a restaurant logo design is the right thing to do. A good restaurant logo will be the main ingredient in your recipe for success

6 Qualities of Effective Restaurant Logo Designs

6 Kualitas Desain Logo Restoran Yang Efektif - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

There are six important elements to consider when designing or redesigning your restaurant logo.

1. Simplicity

The best logos are those that give viewers an immediate picture of who “you” are. Keep it clean, simple, and uncluttered. On top of all that, keep in mind that your logo will be on multiple media in a variety of sizes, so you should even keep the details to a minimum so that your logo can scale properly to a smaller size.

2. Color

Make the colors work to your advantage. Use color as the emotional generator you want so customers can feel what your logo means and what it means.

3. Scalability

Your logo might be on something as small as a pen or as large as a highway billboard. Make sure your logo details are visible and clear, regardless of surface size. Whether you’re working with a designer or yourself, you’ll want to design your logo with the help of a design grid so that it doesn’t stretch or distort as you zoom in or out.

4. Adapt to black and white

Maybe you plan to advertise your business in the local newspaper or have a community event that you promote through a flyer or poster that doesn’t support color. Either way, you’ll want to make sure our logo pack is just as strong in black and white as it is in color.

5. Memory

Your logo is a small, versatile work of art. Make it something that will stick in people’s minds, help them remember you. The best way to make your logo design memorable is to be unique. In other words, choose original shapes and graphics and don’t remember other well-known brands.

6. Power

You don’t want to change branding every two years, for a number of reasons (cost, time, and brand recognition, to name a few). So when you design your restaurant logo, think about the big picture and make it a logo that lasts.

A well-designed restaurant logo will make you stand out from the crowd and set you apart from the competition.

An important step in designing your logo is a healthy competition analysis, so that your logo design is unique in your community. Competition analysis is also a great way to learn from your competitors’ design choices, that is, what are vegan health food truck owners doing on the road to differentiate themselves from many of the other vegan restaurants in your city?


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10 of the coolest restaurant logos we’ve ever seen

They say inspiration leads to innovation, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite restaurant logos to inspire you as you create the coolest logos in the world.

1. El Toro Night Club

Klub Malam El Toro Oleh Jerron Ames - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Klub Malam El Toro Oleh Jerron Ames

This particular font alone makes a strong logo, but the image of the bull can also be used as a stand-alone icon that can be recognized if needed for smaller printed items like pens or buttons.

2. Otto Café

Otto Café Oleh Steve Wolf - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Otto Café Oleh Steve Wolf

There’s something incredibly satisfying and bold about an excellent typeface and a neutral color palette.

3. Nelmare Sushi

Nelmare Sushi Oleh Roden Dushi - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Nelmare Sushi Oleh Roden Dushi

Self-explanatory in its simplicity, this sushi restaurant logo gets to the point without being too obvious.

4. Black Duck Café and Bakery

Black Duck Café Dan Bakery Oleh Deividas Bielskis - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Black Duck Café Dan Bakery Oleh Deividas Bielskis

Sticking to black and white can save you a lot of money and headaches when it comes to advertising your business and printing materials. It also looks really classy.

5. Playa Taco & Tequila Bar

Playa Taco & Tequila Bar Oleh Sdco Partners - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Playa Taco & Tequila Bar Oleh Sdco Partners

When the logo makes you think about which cocktail you’d like to drink forever if you were stranded on a desert island with just a bartender, you know it’s doing something right.

6. Centro Pizzeria

Centro Pizzeria Oleh Steve Wolf - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Centro Pizzeria Oleh Steve Wolf

Centro Pizzeria makes a strategic color choice with this simple but eye-catching orange logo.

7. Yolk Breakfast Backyard & Bar

Yolk Breakfast Backyard & Bar Oleh Cara Bell - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Yolk Breakfast Backyard & Bar Oleh Cara Bell

We have visions of rubber stamped takeout containers dancing in our heads with this one.

8. Fresh Leaves

Leafy Fresh Oleh Ryan Prudhomme - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Leafy Fresh Oleh Ryan Prudhomme

It’s not hard to imagine how healthy and refreshing the food can be in this place with a strategically designed restaurant name and logo.

9. La Brea Meat & Wine

La Brea Meat & Wine Oleh Yossi Belkin - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

La Brea Meat & Wine Oleh Yossi Belkin

Sometimes all you need is a few classic fonts to make your logo stand out.

10. Moonshine Bar & Restaurant

Moonshine Bar & Restaurant Oleh Sava Stoic - 10 Best Restaurant Logos

Moonshine Bar & Restaurant Oleh Sava Stoic

The designer behind the Moonshine logo had a great time playing around with the image of the drink combined with the shape of the moon.