Best social media marketing tools for Marketer

Best social media marketing tools for Marketer – There are many plugins and social media marketing tools in 2021, many of these tools have often appeared and are used by social media marketers. Social media tools that are often used by social media marketing are usually Revive Old Post and Hootsuite. These tools are very compatible with today’s social media platforms. But social media marketing tools don’t stop there !. There are many more great tools roaming the internet. So here I will share 10 social media marketing tools recommended by Michael Stelzner, namely Fonder and CEO of Social Media Examiner. Here are the 10 best tools for social media marketing and management :

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1. Newsfeed burner

Newsfeed Burner - social media marketing tools
Newsfeed burner is a google chrome extension that can hide your Facebook news feed. If you activate the automatic newsfeed burner all your newsfeeds will disappear immediately. Relax, you can still enter your group and page!

This newsfeed burner can also eliminate feeds on YouTube and Lingkedin. It is one of the best tools for your work as a social marketing and management specialist. This extension is also free to install on your Google Chrome.

Newsfeed burner best features:

  1. can filter all newsfeeds on your social media accounts
  2. free
  3. easy to use and attractive appearance

2. Loom

Loom - social media marketing tools
Loom is an extension that can be installed on your Google Chrome browser. different from other extensions loom creates a link that can be accessed by anyone without the need to create an account. You can share videos that you record quickly and safely. How to use the loom is also very easy, you can immediately record what is on the screen or your webcam camera. After finishing recording you will be directed to a new link tab and there you can directly copy the video link that you created. The best feature of Loom is that you are given unlimited storage to store all the videos you record. Loom also provides statistics on visitors who watched your videos and you can also edit, delete, add, download videos that you have created on loom. Loom is also free to use, what are you waiting for, install it now!

Best features of the loom:

  1. free to use
  2. its use is simple
  3. does not drain a lot of internet quota
  4. unlimited storage

3. Just Good Copy

Just Good Copy - social media marketing tools
Just good copy is a website that provides a collection of files on how to write certain emails which will be sent to your clients and customers. This website is perfect for those of you who like to use email for marketing activities, just good copy of an email can be used as inspiration for writing copymail.

It’s also very easy to use, you only need to open and enter the type of email you need to write in the search for inspiration field. If you are lazy to type, you can choose a tag at the bottom of the search field. There are various tags such as welcome email, thank you, confirmation email, invitation, etc.

The search for inspiration results will show emails from big companies such as buffer, dropbox, evernote, pinterest, etc.

Website just good copy is a free resource so you are free to use it whenever and wherever.

Best Features of Just Good Copy:

  1. free to use
  2. flexible because it is a website

4. Touch Retouch

Touchretouch - social media marketing tools
Touch Retouch is a tool and application that can remove distracting objects from your product photos. The results given by Touch Retouch are not 100% good, but you can use it as a backup tool for your main photo editing application. This tool is also great if you use social media like Facebook and Instagram for marketing activities.

Very practical way of working for a photo editing tool. After you install the Touch Retouch tool, you can select the desired photo via TouchRetouch. After the photo is selected you can select a brush or selection tool and tap on the object you want to delete. Unfortunately this tool is not free to use, you can pay as much as $ 1.99 to get this useful tool.

Best Touch Retouch features :

  1. A practical and comfortable way of working for photo editing applications
  2. Very useful for marketing professionals

5. Markticle

Markticle - social media marketing tools
Markticel is an online tool that is useful for bookmarking online and marking the articles you are reading. Markticle also provides notes and share features that make it easier for you to share via Facebook or Twitter.

The way the markticle works is very easy, you have to select the last text you read and press m to give a mark. after that you have 2 choices, leave notes or share articles. Markticle can be downloaded for android or extension for google chrome. For this, Markticle Tools are free so you can use them now without any cost.

Markticle’s best features :

  1. Free
  2. Can share directly to social media
  3. tools can be used on android
  4. Practical, just by pressing the M button

6. Write Behind

Write Behind - social media marketing tools
Write behind is a tool for putting text behind your main image. You don’t have to bother paying a designer to edit the image. It’s also very easy to use, you only need to run the application, select the image you want, type the text and select the font you need. After filling in the text, tap your finger to the part where you want to place the text that is made. I can rely on this tool on social media like Instagram. For marketers who have a monthly magazine, you can update the magazine cover and insert a link in the post.

You can download these tools for free, but if you want more features. You can buy this tool for $ 0.99 – $ 6.99. Adjust the feature price according to your needs.

Write Behind best features :

  1. free version available
  2. easy to use
  3. powerful on social media platforms like Instagram.

 7. TinyMails

Tinymails - social media marketing tools
Tinymails is a tool that can tell you how long your email is and how long it will take to read your email. The way the Tools work is also very easy, when you have activated the Tools and want to send a message. This tool will tell you how long your email will be before it is sent.

You can get this plugin for free, and it is safe.

TinyMails best features :

  1. Simple but meaningful tools for marketing professionals

 8. Bynd

Bynd - social media marketing tools
Bynd is a tool that can save you time when doing social media monitoring. This tool can display Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social network accounts at one time. You only need to log into your account on the platform you want to open. To switch from one platform to another, just swipe / look at the top of the Bynd application. Bynd can be installed on iOS and Android.

This application is free for you to use. But if you want to open other applications you need to pay $ 0.99 – $ 2.99 to unlock all features.

Bynd’s Best Features :

  1. Can be installed on iOS and Android
  2. Very light

9. Skype Plugin

Skype Plugin - social media marketing tools

Skype Plugin is a plugin made by Skype for Google Chrome and Firefox, and functions as a remote meeting tool. You can enter a Skype call link to email, social media updates or calendar events. One of the unique features of this application is that when you receive a call meeting you don’t need to log into Skype first. Not only can you insert it in an email, you can insert it into your social media posts or via Facebook messages. Search for this plugin on the Google Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons.

You can get this plugin for free.

Best Skype plugins Features :

  1. no need to bother to log in
  2. requires less network
  3. simple and skilled

10. Narro

Narro - social media marketing tools
Narro is an application that converts article text into audio form. To convert an article text to audio, you can use Narro bookmaklet, Google Chrome extension or iOs and the Android app. In Narro, besides you can change the text of the article to audio, you can choose the voice that will be used to read the article aloud. The choice of voice is male and female. Narro will scan the article you choose and convert it into audio format. Remember to put the audio files into your personal feed.

Narro offers a free version, aka unpaid until the premium version is $ 50 / hour.

Narro’s Best Features :

  1. free
  2. audio speed can be adjusted
  3. more flexible than other plugins