Top 6 Web Design Trends for 2020

Top 6 Web Design Trends for 2020 — Web design trends keep changing. In 2020, the technical possibilities seem limitless and we see designers playing with extremes, re-creating previous styles and constantly experimenting with new techniques. At the same time, there are a number of popular styles that will not go away, such as the minimalism that is always present and the flat, colorful illustrations that we have seen for some time now.

So, what will be the trends in web design 2020? If you want to know the latest trends from the start, you will need help from experts. We asked some of the top designers in the 99design community what web design trends 2020 they saw. This is what they produce, based on their knowledge of the craft.

1. Dark Mode


Darkmode – pinteres

One trend in 2020 is dark design. A UI-focused design that gives users the option to activate a dark theme. A dark background will make the design elements stand out, creating a higher contrast ratio with the use of other flat colors. But still improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain.

The dark mode design not only looks very modern, but is also easily seen and makes the colors and design elements appear elegantly. Sometimes the most visually stunning website design trends have a practical start. Dark themes are better on OLED screens. Save power and extend. Dark backgrounds enhance the visibility of other accent colors for truly dynamic designs.

Coincidentally, the aesthetics of the dark fashion design also perfectly match the other 2020 design trends which include dark and moody color schemes combined with neon glow as well as futuristic but dark cyberpunk and dystopian styles.


2. Abstract Design


Abstract Design – Dribbbel


Design elements created abstractly will inject emotions and humanity into the website. It seems desirable by the user after viewing the enhanced graphics to be more charming. This trend will be great in 2020 because it has a more emotional design but possesses a positive trait and can refresh the eyes.

In fact, this Abstract trend is almost a counterweight to the simple Pixel flat design trends. Whether it’s hand-drawn icons or handmade illustrations, by 2020 we will see more designers adding intentionally cluttered elements to their web design.



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3. Soft Shadow


Softshadow – 99design

Soft shadows and floating elements create a pseudo-3D effect and make the design more layered and more attractive.

This trend is about creating depth. Like the 3D effect from above but want to reduce it? Soft shadows and floating elements add interest and depth and give your web page a “3D Lite” look. This is not just a picture: You can use this effect with text and photos too.

Taking material design principles a step further, designers can add a little extra to a 2D layout with soft shadow droplets and coating elements on top of one another for greater depth. These effects give the design a feeling of lightness, as if the elements hover each other in sharp contrast from the classic impenetrable flat design where the layers appear flat.


4. Solid frame


Solid Frame – Pinterest

When something is ‘framed’, it gives the image more position on the site so that the website tends to ‘pop’ and stand out more.

Full layout has been a trend in web design for some time. Now, designers are interested in solid structures and play in various ways to use a lot of white space (and whatever color space) to give their designs more structure and utilize clean framing to provide the stability of their designs and canvas to jump from.

In 2020, we will see a wide frame of white space giving a solid structure web design. By giving each element to the page wide space, framing creates the perfect foundation to make the visuals shine. Neatly structured frames around the website create a satisfying sense of order and help prioritize and separate all the different page sections.


5. Shining and glowing color schemes


Skema warna – 99design

Futuristic color schemes and designs will become a trend in 2020, followed by isometric trends and present colors such as blue and purple and hot pink to provide a futuristic design that glows.

As we enter 2020, we will see bold color pairs, used strategically to make web designs jump off the screen. Web design is becoming bolder and bolder, using glow-in-the-dark neons and highly saturated colors in combination with muted dark colors to give the design a radiant feel.

Duotone web design in particular makes this trend shine. Duotone continues to reinvent itself to maintain its place at the forefront of design. This latest iteration is the most daring, relying on futuristic neon colors and contrasting striking colors to create very agile visuals.

Duotone’s unique web design is visually appealing and appealing. And with the help of the duotone effect, you can turn almost any image into your company’s brand.

In 2020, attractive color schemes will play an important role in web design. With web design trends such as extreme minimalism and dark modes on the rise, glowing and radiant colors can really shine.


6. Navigasi very Minimalis


Navigasi –

By 2020, the website content will be more videos with voice scripts and less text, leading to the accuracy of the description. Overall, web design will become simpler to facilitate easier navigation.

With the increase in devices that can be used like smart watches, web design generally thinks smaller. The area most affected by this is navigation, the glue that holds the website together. Over the past few years, navigation has become increasingly simple to accommodate very small devices and smaller attention spans.

Very minimalistic navigation eliminates many difficulties in usability. The less users have to think about moving, the more time they spend immersing in the site, actually moving instead of wondering how.

At the same time as web design trends, imaging is becoming more important. Large-scale photos and videos are your chance to impress users while using only minimum text.

Large photos and videos have several obvious benefits. They draw attention to your business goals. I believe this is why more and more websites are starting to use large images to provide beautiful visuals to their viewers.

With less text on the page, large images are drawn to the foreground and represent the main focus of the composition. Because the image gets the most attention, make sure it’s worth it; use strong visuals or art that says it all.

Stay tuned for web design trends 2020

With the end of annoying 2010, 2020 web design trends are embracing futurism like never before. Attractive visuals and colors, 3D effects and old trends reinvented are all clear indicators of the new 2020 style. This movement also goes beyond the screen, with a modern web design that emphasizes a more user-friendly site experience, such as with minimalist navigation and dark designs that are not too conspicuous.

On the threshold of this new decade web designers are simultaneously looking for the future and the past for inspiration. And thanks to many of these opposing trends, movements and design styles, it’s safe to say that web design in 2020 will be full of surprises.


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