What is UI design? What is UX design?

What is UI design? What is UX design? — What exactly is UX and UI? Are the two things the same? what is the difference between UX / UI? this is the explanation of ui and ux:

User Interface (UI)

UI or User Interface is the science of the graphic layout of a website or application. UI design creates visual elements such as buttons, text, images, text entry fields, and all small interactions on the website. The UI designer must be able to create a nice display that will increase user loyalty.
UI Designer is a graphic design that certainly cares about aesthetics. UI designer that determines how to look right for the web or application. The appearance of the web or application will reflect the desired purpose, character or personality. And a UI designer must make sure every element, small or large, blends well to create aesthetics and purpose.

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User Experience (UX)

UX or User Experience is a person who makes useful products and visualizes user flow into a product design that is tested and interesting. UX Design will work closely with other teams of user needs, business goals and technological progress. Making wireframes or designing mockups is one of the basic capabilities that a UX design must have.
Not only that, the UX designer must also follow the development of technology to maximize the results of the deisgn. UX designers must know marketing, data analytics, user behavior, and user research. There are also many people who work in startup companies who end up having to learn multi divisions. Knowledge itself will certainly help develop oneself in the future.

Research by the User Interface / UI and User Experience / UX

A UI Designer needs to make sure the visuals they choose are able to reflect the applications they make and try to predict user expectations. If the application being developed is a travel / tour application, it is important to find out how a travel / tour and travel application is developed. Display that is considered good will be determined solely by the UI designer. but basic rules like the need to adjust user expectations are something that can’t be avoided. This must be balanced by making sure the user understands the purpose of all the elements on the screen.

UX designers might be interested in research related to user expectation.
All user experience and interaction using the application, has helped to apply user expectations about how the application should be run. If the designer wants to make something very different, he must have a clear reason. Creating something different will cause the user to make the same mistakes over and over again. For example, most users feel comfortable by double clicking to open a folder and one click to vote.

The Purpose of Implementing UI and UX Design

To create a balanced Web / application UX Designer whose job is to design how the user interface works and UI designers who design how the user interface will be displayed.