7 Tips how to choose a domain name that gets results

7 Tips how to choose a domain name that gets results – Domain is the name of your website address. A website can be reached by the server address where the website is stored. The server address in question is an IP address, which is a unique sequence of numbers as the identity of a computer / server on a network. This is where the role of the domain, which is like changing a complicated ip address into a domain address that is easy to read and remember. The main purpose of a domain is to make it easier for people to access and remember their names. Even if the domain itself exists to facilitate access, but if the domain name you choose is not good then the function of the domain itself will be lost.

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For example, if you have an E-commerce website that sells clothing and you choose the domain name “sellbajumurahdiindonesia.com”, it won’t be effective. There are various domain choices and you must choose the one that shows the best professionalism. Here it is the stage of choosing a domain.

1. Use keywords from website themes

Collect keywords that relate to the first time of your website, determine the domain that matches the theme of the website will help increase the priority value in search engines.

2. Take advantage of other attributes such as location

take advantage of location to create a domain, domain names that use location can usually make it easier for customers to find the location of your business.

3. Choose a domain that is easy to say, understand, and remember.

The shorter and clearer the domain name will be, the easier it is to memorize, the shorter, denser, and clearer domain name will make it easier for visitors to remember your domain name.

4. Combine Multiple keywords

use a combination of keywords to create a domain, if you have trouble making a short domain, try combining keywords with the domain name you want.

5. Involve the team / other people to find domain names

Involve other people to find inspiration from domian names, try to get together with your friends and tell your story of the difficulty of finding a domain name. Usually friends find it easy to find words that are unique and interesting to use.

6. Use extensions that are not too common

Don’t use public domain extensions, if you don’t get a domain name with the .com extension try using another tld domain extension. Example .com, .net, .co.id, .id and so on.

7. Use the separator

Use a hyphen, if the name you use already exists try to use the hyphen “-” and unite the keywords you want.

As a person in the creative field, work is your biggest asset and so that the asset can be recognized by many people you need a good identity, that is, with a domain name that you will distribute on the internet. Therefore your doamain name must be creative, but still show the professionalism of your services. You can check the availability of domain names in the mousmedia domain package.