Benefits of Google my business in promoting your business

Benefits of Google my business in promoting your businessGoogle my business / Google my business is a very profitable google service for merchants, because with google my business you can spread your business to everyone through internet access. Google My Business was launched in June 2014 as a way to help business owners control what is shown in search results when someone searches for a company name on Google. You can get many benefits by registering your business on google my business.

What is Google My Business?

What is Google My Business ? - Benefits of Google my business

Google my business is a platform from google that helps your business on the internet, where you can provide detailed company information that will appear at the top of the google search engine. Information that you can add to Google My Business is in the form of Google maps, website, telephone number, location details, email address, operating hours, company website, office photos, to client reviews.

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Google My Business dashboard

Google My Business dashboard - Benefits of Google my business

My business google dashboard provides the things you need to do your job. here are the things you can do on the google my business dashboard

Publish the menu in your restaurant, customers will have no trouble finding a menu in your restaurant.

  1. See the rivals who are around you.
  2. Setting up working hours
  3. Maintain an up-to-date information about the business being run
  4. Create and monitor the performance of AdWords Express campaigns
  5. Build customer loyalty.
  6. Minimizing visitor interaction only with Google+ Pages and posts on them
  7. View connected Google Analytics account information and YouTube channel

Benefits of Google My Business

Benefits of Google My Business - Benefits of Google my business

For business people, the existence of Google My Business is very useful for promoting the business.

Even the results of the promotion are very satisfying because they can increase product sales. Some of the benefits if Freebuddies use Google My Business, include:

  1. Promoted by Google Maps and google +

    Only by registering through Google My Business, the place of business will be automatically registered on Google Maps which can be seen by mobile users globally. Google Maps is now also named the most popular digital mapping application. By registering your company on Google My Business / google my business, Google Maps will promote your place of business globally so that your potential customers will more easily find you through your physical business store.

  2. Get business reviews and rates from customers

    The benefit of Google My Business for business promotion is that Freebuddies can get reviews to increase the popularity of the business you are running. You can get this strategy from Google My Business. One of the perks of Google My Business is getting reviews from customers who have used products or services from your business so that you can increase both the awareness and the credibility of your business.

    That way, this place of business is increasingly trusted by the public, because it gets complete reviews from customers who have visited.

  3. Increase visitors who come

    Through the Google Maps feature, you will be able to show the location of business premises that are established within a certain radius. Not only that, Google My Business / Google My business also provides services to easily create websites for free, for those of you who don’t have a website. It cannot be denied that a website can support a business.

  4. Manage working hours online

    This facility is useful for customers, if you are on holiday or when the place of business is closed.

  5. Google my business Can Do Client Analysis

    Google my business also provides an “Insight” feature which functions to see the performance of your business compared to your competitors on Google. You can also see the number of customers who have successfully found your business on Google.

Using digital agency services for google my business management.

Using digital agency services for google my business management - Benefits of Google my business

Those are some of the advantages if you use Google My Busines. By utilizing the services of Google on this one, it is guaranteed that your business will be widely known even to foreign countries. Make sure your business is always updated, both in terms of goods and serving the comments of your customers and prospective customers well. We Mousmedia offer maintenance services to make it easier for you to take care of google my business, you can use our Seo & maintenance services.

Of course you can hire your own employees for social media management. However, this is not recommended for businesses that have absolutely no experience in managing google my business. If you are one of those startup businesses, you better leave it to the more experienced. Mousmedia provides special services for maintaining your product, please visit the page of SEO & Maintenance Services, this service is provided by mousmedia to help website owners and companies who don’t have enough time and human resources to maximize their products and websites.